Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Scavenger Hunt

It is time for our monthly scavenger hunt - more fun - more photos.

Our clues are


My new  pink daisies on my deck table

Pink flowering trees, all over town


6 duck bottoms

Wonderful mailbox planter and house number sign


Bellingham has parks - many parks - some with bridges

A park on a lake, where you can launch your rubber boat and go happily paddling about.

A park on another lake where you can get early shots of the moon rising

And long shots of the moon on the water

Parks where you can take photos of seagulls soaring past

And parks in the middle of town - with waterfalls

And a fish nursery lake - right in town

Our city plants hundreds of flowering trees along the streets

And a calm lake.  When new construction of buildings takes place in Bellingham, they have to set aside a certain number of acres for city parks - it is a very big city - with lots of building - and therefore lots of parks for the citizens to enjoy.


Horse back riding is great sport - and I would think this friendly horse would be fun to ride.


Lights on Lake Whatcom at night

A natural night light


Desert  Rose dishes - the first ones came from my Granny

Dolls and their clothes.  These are Madame Alexander 18" dolls - Poppy Sunshine and Miss Abigail Clarissa Wellington-Jones.

Jadeite dishes and old red handled kitchen utensils.


The rhubarb leaves are very big

This is one big woodpile

I'd say enough wood for a couple winters


My new round table - and the bears waiting for dinner

Pine Siskins at the feeder - having dinner


Old Rock Wall

Ferns growing in moss on a tree

Soft petals in a Double Flowering Peach tree

Raindrops on a goose and on the pond

A nest made of moss and twigs


Clouds curling in the sky

Clouds from the airplane on take off (ok, I stretched that one a bit)


Plastic signs

At my friend's house

Sign in a cafe in Acme, Washington

Bubbles - this could be take off - and plastic


greenthumb said...

Thanks for posting your photos for the Scavenger Hunt they are great, I really like your 6 bottoms and your big wood pile, we had the same idea with pink flowers. Greenthumb.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Really great photos for the Scavenger Hunt! The 6 bottoms up made me smile!

Kay said...

This was fun! The duck bottoms are a crack-up. Bellingham is a great city and the parks really make it that way.

Little Blue Mouse said...

What an array of photos! The one of the flying seagull is superb.

Julie said...

I love the duck bottoms photo - I'm always posting photos of our local ducks on my blog. And as a quilter, I LOVE that sign! And your photo of the moon is amazing. x

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'd be hard-pressed to select a favorite because I enjoyed each shot!



Jeanne said...

That was fun!!!

Lizzy said...

That looks like an amazing park to have in the town, with all those waterfalls. Love the one of the moon rising too.

Gilly Tee said...

Great photo's, love the quilters parking sign, very funny.

Louise said...

Great photos! I'm impressed you managed more than one shot for each word. I love the night light photo with the lake.

Crispy said...

Very cool pictures Jo. I love that your city planners are so wise. I wish they were all like that.

Fundy Blue said...

This was great! I really appreciated the one of the six ducks bottoms up! Six! Awesome!

Rose Fern said...

Beautiful collection. You live in a wonderful place!

J said...

Wow - so many to choose from! But I'm an animal lover so I'll take the duck bottoms and the sea gull - although that large moon is surreal - "other wordly".....stunning!

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

These are all pretty but oh my that moon picture just takes my breath away...

And your teddy bears by the new table! I hope you baked something special for them! :)

Rustic Vintage Country said...

You've got some brilliant pictures for the April hunt! x

SmallP said...

Awesome photos and so many. Lovely :-) I really love all your texture ones.


Paula said...

Your photos are great, I like it how you came up with several different pictures for each clue. My favourites are 6 (that one made me smile) and Curl, what an amazing sky and cloud formation.