Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Every chance I get - I'm out taking pictures of the moon.  We live amongst trees, so often I have that to contend with - and we also have lots of rain in the winter - so clouds come into play.
Zoom in - taken from our deck 
Zoom out - the moon didn't stay out in the open very long 

It was an amazing moon night!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Tiny Tea Party

I love children's tea sets - and tiny dishes.  Let's set the table with some of them today

Small plates with colored rims, and matching teacups 

A tiny plate beneath the saucer 

Sunshine plates on top of the plain plates - farm animals circle the sunshine
And tinier sunshine plates atop the other two - this one with garden vegetables around the sunshine 

Tiny cookie cutters - instead of cookies - maybe next time I'll have a little cookie for you.  The penny gives you an idea of the size of the cookie cutters 

A house teapot and a little yellow bird pitcher 
Napkin rings are tiny, 2 inch tall flower pots that I painted last year 

And teeny tiny silverware - a christmas gift from my oldest daughter some years ago 

A penny for size comparison 
Vintage tea napkins with embroidery and scalloped edges 
A  house teapot for that tiny cup of tea 
And a little butter pat with tiny tongs - maybe we'll have some hot biscuits with butter and honey 
The little silverware came with its own tray.
I'm glad you stopped by today.

The Second Day of Snow

It snowed and snowed and snowed - not like back east  or the midwest  - but certainly a lot for NW  Washington.  While it was very pretty , our trees are not used to this amount of snow and they fall and break and interrupt our electricity. Ours went out at 5 p.m. on Sunday - and was not fully restored until 7 p.m. on Monday.

Our house is 100% electric - so after shivering for a while Monday morning we headed out to find a cafe and a hot breakfast.  First cafe was unaccessable because of the melting snow and ice in the gutters - too far to leap across and too deep to step off into.  Second cafe was closed - just simply closed  - third time's a charm - and a hot breakfast.  

On the way to and from the cafes I got some quick shots of the snow - it was heaviest near Bellingham, as we went north (to the cafe that was open) there was less, which is unusual - they often have much more snow north of here than we do.
On our way to the car I noticed that our Inukshuk was buried in snow - the driftwood whale behind is diving into a sea of snow 
The vintage garden cultivator - for display only - was a snow sculpture in the front yard.
Traffic lights had coats of snow and ice 
The cemetery hillside was covered in snow 
With snowcaps on the tombstones 
A traffic light, almost hidden by snow 
An old silo on the edge of town 
A Monkey Pod tree - covered in snow 
A fire hydrant as art in the snow
Before we got to the cafe for breakfast I saw these tractors - I didn't realize there was no traffic behind us or I would have asked Don to stop - so we decided to come back the same way after breakfast for another try.  No luck - traffic coming and the road was narrow and because the plows had not cleared the sides of the road - turn around - another try - go 3 miles farther on to turn around again - finally got a space with no traffic so I could get the photos.
The same tractors - in the spring - with no snow 
Rurality Blog Hop - tractors in a field of snow.

I was so glad we were able to stop and get the pictures - we don't get this opportunity very often 
Today we have some sunshine and temperatures just above freezing - so the snow is beginning to melt
The sheep's fleece clouds are indicating more precipitation, but the forecast for the next week is highs around 50 or a little above - so at least it will be rain and not snow. 
Melting, melting!
Snow melting on the skylights
 Goodbye snow!

Straight Out of the Picture

Often the phrase SOOC is used - Straight out of the Camera  - and this  heron is Straight Out of the Picture as well.

I was just a moment too late - it would have been a fantastic photo if the heron had not gone out of the picture.  I do like how the water drains off from his feet as he launches into the air.  The one that got away.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow Day

The forecast for this weekend was sunshine on Saturday - chance of rain on Sunday - and here is what we got - not at all what they forecast - although after the snow started they quickly changed the forecast.
A heavy, wet snow 

Winter wonderland 
The little knob of snow on the right is the rain gauge - must be full 
The top of the umbrella stand - for some reason I want an ice cream cone.

Gnomes - under there someplace 

Bird feeder with a new hat 

This is a garden sculpture - a glow in the dark ball with butterfly 
 Snow certainly changes the landscape - a forest full of green and white beauty.

"They" say this will be gone by Monday afternoon - but "they" also said it would be partly sunny this weekend. 
I'm certain the grandsons are happy with the snow.  We are hunkered down - lots of books to read - crocheting to do - banana bread for snacks and stew for dinner - who could ask for anything more.