Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunlit Sunday

A ride through the country side - what could be more calming? 
Mt Baker and Daffodil fields 

 Mt. Baker
 Bald Eagle over Mt. Baker
 Flowering tree and Mt. Baker

 Overlook where we ate our picnic lunch
 It was a gloriously sunny day!
The grandkids painted Grandpa's van

February Scavenger Hunt

Time for a Scavenger Hunt - one of my favorite times of the months


Something beautiful 
Your favorite color

Don't we all want a pink truck?

 On the road

Tapping along - looking for lunch



Cakes made by our youngest daughter

A corner of your home

What ever you want

Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekly Top Shot

Spring is Coming

Six Words Friday - Stand

 A heron stands in a field
 Stand up tall and stand straight

 A walk in the field - lunch?


Two kinds of reflections 
Trumpeter Swans in a seasonal pond in a field - peaceful and serene

Time spent in the hospital - 5 days recently - not peaceful - not serene.  Nurses and aides rushing around - actually at times pushing patients.  Most are thoughtful and helpful - some could use a lesson in politeness.
Enjoying the sunshine on a wintry day

Even when confined we can find something to enjoy - a nice comment, a smile, a pretty flower or a visit from friends and family.
Back and forth

Our health is good and then not so good - but we plow on through and come out the other side - happy to be there
Life goes on - swans float by - rough times pass - we enjoy what we have.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Is It Spring Yet?

We are ready for spring - the weather has been warmish and sunny and we are wanting to get out in the garden.
 Poppy and Abigail in our  new pants and summer shirts

 And we have our crocs on - don't you think we are ready for spring gardening?

 Oh wait - NOW we are ready for gardening - with gardening aprons, hats and totes.
 We can switch bags and hats - the aprons are identical
 Totes for carrying our gardening supplies and tools - do you think we should plant watermelons this year?

 Getting our seeds ready to plant in our little flower pots

 We switched bags and hats again - did you notice?  We like to do that

Stop by and see Diane at Lavender Dreams - she has a neat doll post too.  You'll really like it.

If your dolls would like gardening togs - the pattern is McCalls 6451.   I think they still sell the pattern in fabric stores - but if not - there is always ebay.