Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, September 21, 2018

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Time for the Summer Scavenger Hunt

1 The Rosiness of Red - a lovely farm in the foothills on a cloudy summer day.
2 Stripes - these cows look like Oreo Double Stuff
3 A framed view - A Great Blue Heron in a tree high above the beach
4 Wings - coming in for a landing on the feeder
5 Pedal Power - this was placed as a decoration near a house on Guemes Island
6 Glorious Green - Our son and grandson (Donnie) in the Lynden City Park - they were visiting from West Virginia.
7 An Unexpected Reflection - rain left puddles between the rows of tulips making beautiful reflections
8 A Pile Of - stuff.  Someone blinged up their mail box - sort of Victorian and Steam Punk and just plain silly - but interesting.

9 Looks Smaller Than You -Spider in a web on a misty morning
10 A Field of Plenty - Horses in a row
11 Pretty in Pink - my neighbor's beautiful Clematis
12 Bell(s) - Foxgloves in our front garden
13 Equal Portions - everyone gets their own rock - no one has to share
14 A Trilogy of Three - Oriental Poppies
15 Out of the Blue - This Tall Ship - the Martha Washington, was in town for a visit
16 shopping bag - not store plastic - Designed and painted by our Grandson Donnie when he was 5.  I also have a matching key chain.
17 Repurposed - now that is clever!  This  braced up tree is on Lummi Island.
18 Currency: Coinage or Paper - Buddy E. (the long legged dancing frog) with coins from the Alaska Marine Hiway 50 Year Celebration.
19 Picture Postcard Perfect - Evening sailing tours of Bellingham Bay
20 Mellow Yellow - Nasturtiums in the sunlight

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Catching Up on Summer

After all my time off from blogging I have a lot of summer to review - here are some of my favorites.
 Summer days on the deck - lots of sunshine some weeks - and the flowers were fabulous this year.
 Shasta Daisies are a favorite
 Lots of butterflies enjoying the flowers
 And lots of hummingbird visits 
 Martha Washington Geraniums
 Violas in lots of colors

 Tiny everblooming petunieas
 And sweet peas

What are you favorite summer flowers?

Monday, September 17, 2018


Looking back at the last of the sunny summer days
The end of summer always brings out the sunflowers.  Such bright happiness!!  

 Every summer we enjoy this small field of sunflowers out on the Skagit Flats

How is your summer ending?  We are having buckets of rain - sometimes it is so loud on the skylights we can't hear each other talk from across the room.  Cozy weather for soups and stews and apple pie, and bouquets of sunflowers.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Flicker and Flowers

Summer is over - the last of the nasturtiums - just as the torrential rains began.

And our flickers continue to visit the suet feeders.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Bird Visitors

I looked up this morning and there were two flickers on the birdbath and feeders -  they are here frequently, but not often long enough to get photos.
And hummingbirds visiting the fuchsias

Holding on to the flower with tiny feet.  I had never noticed that before.