Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Scavenger Hunt

Time for the October Scavenger hunt!

How many legs, horses and heads?

Ice cream cone sign in Birch Bay - it looks lonely after tourist season is over

Heron legs look like the number "11" 

 Now they look like the number "1"
All that hay is held on by this little lattice

A very old gas sign


Today it is raining!!


The leaves are down.  This is Elizabeth Park in Bellingham

 There are many wonderful things to see on this fence.  It is out in the country and doesn't seem to be used - the driveway up to the house is at the other end of the property.

 Love  the bug made of a pair of garden shears
 And a spider made from a spring and a cap

After well over a year, this broken old building is still standing in the construction site where new houses are being built - wonder what will become of it?
Whatever You Want
I want this car please!!

October Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - A Happy Halloween Surprise

We're all dressed up in our Halloween outfits - let's go shopping for some candy!
 I'm Abby - my purse and my vest match
 My vest is reversible - I borrowed Poppy's purse to go with the vest

Pumpkin Hats for everyone! 
 I'm Poppy - my collar and my purse have Halloween polka dots.
 I'm Sally Jo - I have pretty new shoes and socks.

 Poppy has new shoes too
And nooooooooow - presenting
The Candy Corn Witches!!!
 We are all dressed in our new costumes - Candy Corn hats and dresses

 Wait - there is something missing
 Our vests with gold bows - aren't they fine?
 And our masks - so you can't tell who we are! Hey - is there someone behind us?
 Is it spooooooooky?
 Come out - come out - whoever you are!!!
 Oh - it's not spooky
 It is our new brother Donnie, in his Zorro Halloween costume.  Don't you just love a Halloween surprise??!!??
 Sally Jo
 Poppy Sunshine
Donnie - did you know that Zorro wears sneakers? 

Let's go trick-or-treating! Donnie can carry the Pumpkin for our treats.

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Tuesday's Treasures

I used bits and pieces of different patterns to make the costumes.  It was fun, with lots of trial and error.   When Don was 7 he thought Zorro was the greatest  and wanted a Zorro costume.