Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, March 30, 2015

March Scavenger Hunt

March Scavenger Hunt 


Circle of Flying Geese on a quilt top I'm making about Washington state - with Mt. Baker - viewed from Lummi Penninsula

Birthday card from my dear friend Diane

 Old Window
New Window

One of several pieces of Native American wood art hanging from the ceiling of U.W. Harborview Medical Center main lobby in Seattle

Skyline at Birch Bay

A favorite word
Spring is a favorite word - and the lilacs are budding out - blooming soon


The movement of the small boat as compared to the movement of the Washington State Ferry


The beautiful new lights our son put up in the master bathroom - replacing the ugly make-up lights that were original to the house

I obviously didn't take this photo - it is my Grandfather on the steps of the trolley where he was the conductor in San Francisco


A set of hand painted dessert pates

Some thing you made

My friend Lois - in California - drew the pictures of the teddy bears (one for each month) and I designed and made the quilt - we made a pattern for the quilt that is for sale

Whatever you want
End tables that I decoupaged nautical charts to the drawers - the handle is an old faucet knob - from Etsy.  These are in our living room

March Collage

March was a good month - let's see what was going on.

Hyacinths, Dolls with new summer outfits, Barns, Red Wing Blackbirds, Wild Flowering Currant, Mallards in a pond, Daffodils for my birthday, Moon, Walnut orchard in bloom, Bouquets, Bald Eagle, Farms, Pansies in the planters, International Pi Day, Birthday flowers from a friend, Spring decorations, a Red Tail Hawk in town, lot of rain on the flowers, Mallards looking for something to eat, daffodil fields, Oscar the Grouch cupcakes for my birthday, Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagle flying in front of Mt. Baker and a seagull.
It was a very good month indeed.

Decorating for Spring

My favorite season - along with summer - is spring.  I decorate more for spring than any other season except of course christmas, which isn't really a season.
 The two spring teapots are the center of attention
 With the tiny bunnies busy at their spring work

 Fun little chickie serving dishes
 And eggs that are decorated with teeny tiny fabric YoYos that I made a few years ago
 I pick up spring baskets whenever I find them at thrift stores or yard sales
 These two daisy baskets (found at two different thrift stores) go perfectly with my spring daisy tablecloth
Miss Bunny sits among her pillows made from vintage linens
 Mr. B. Rabbit is ready for his load of decorated eggs.
 My favorite little cream pitcher - tweet tweet

 Hand carved bunnies - so sweet
 Come, sit, have a cup of tea
Mama Bunny bring baby along for tea too

And cute tea bag holders - not really spring decorations - but favorites for sure.
All decked out in spring outfits - Mr. and Mrs. Bear wait patiently for their tea in their blue outfits.     

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Barn Collective

Another ride in the country - another barn.
All painted white and well kept.  The birds flying up are seagulls - come inland before a big storm that hit that night.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekly Top Shot

The Red-winged blackbirds are back in the swampy area near our house - I've been trying for years to get a really good picture of one.

Happy Birthday

Wednesday was fun - it was my birthday - and that is always fun.  My friend Julee came up for the day and we laughed and talked and sewed and painted and laughed and  ate cupcakes.
 Oscar the Grouch cupcakes that Julee brought
Another friend - dear Diane in Florida  -   sent me the cutest little doll
Her name is Sally Jo - and here she is between Poppy and Abigail 
More about Poppy and Abby's new summer outfits next time - stay tuned

 Diane made Sally Jo - with cute ribbons and a ladybug button
And sent this darling  card too.
 And two teacup coasters that she made.
Perfect for a cup of tea and an Oscar the Grouch cupcakes, don't you think?
Julee also brought me a pretty bouquet
And Don gave me the traditional birthday bouquet of daffodils.

And videos from Donnie in West Virginia

My birthday isn't over - our daughters are bringing a birthday dinner up this weekend so we'll get to see them and the grandsons.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mosaic Barn Collective Monday

I thought I'd combine today - barns and mosaics.
 Very typical shape of barns in our area - often they seem to have faces

 This barn seems to be saying - "Hello Cows, come on over for a visit"
 Happy face on a yellow barn