Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Scavenger Hunt

In addition to our weekly Scavenger Hunt - over at Made With Love - there is a monthly  hunt - and it is such fun - stop over and enjoy some hunts.


Spring in Washington is so very green

Green and white - a wonderful combination


Three Trumpeter Swans


Our Grandson Ben, in his Batman Uniform - floating - floating - flying


A mallard duck had just taken off - I missed him, but captured the bubbles


If I had shoes this water wouldn't seem so cold

I'll take a pair of shoes - or boots!


Summer fun!

My toys.  Miss Poppy Sunshine and Miss Abigail Clarissa Wellington-Jones


Old and rustic

 Gateway to the Scented Garden at Tenent Lake

A baseball fan lives behind this gate

Gateway to the beach at Soap Lake


Last Easter

Nesting season - there have to be eggs in this eagle's nest


Grandson Donnie, enjoying his treat

Fabulous chocolate cake made by our youngest daughter


Rocks reflected in a pond

Enjoying a puddle


Bridge over Kashena Falls

A very old - unused bridge


The field looks enpty - but far back in the field is a flock of Trumpeter Swans

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Another week - another hunt.  Let's go


The Pintail duck is so elegantly reflected in the water.


Well - I'm taking artistic license with this one

The  ocean - after weathering a storm

Weathered birds -  flap flap


Now that one I've got covered

An old photo - Jahn is explaining the Ben how to use the water drawing pad.  Ordinary things can be so special.

Like Grandson Donnie - recent photo - helping Grampy make a list

Ordinary but so special 

Don't forget cookies!

That should do it.


Nothing is fresher than the first Pussy Willows of spring.

Empty - Birds

I couldn't find anything for empty this week - so thought I'd share this flicker with you.  Just think how empty our life would be without birds.

Preening time - on the side of a tree

Shiny wing feathers on the flicker

Ruffled feathers - birds fill a wonderful place in our lives

There - all done - now wasn't that another fun week?

Weekly top shot - Spring!

It is spring - flowering trees everywhere

Wild Flowering Plum - these grow everywhere - they are especially spectacular in the woods, against the still bard branches of the other trees.


And pink

Our town is engulfed in pink

Spring is here!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Thing

Maybe  this should be called - Favorite Things - because they are.

Skagit Valley has a Tulip Festival that lasts the entire month of April - but the daffodils are always blooming just before the tulips and are just as popular an attraction.  People come from all over the state and if you visit on a weekend - plan to be in long lines of cars and traffic jams. I've had friends tell me that it took them  4-5 hours to get back to Seattle (90 miles away) because of the bumper to bumper traffic coming from the festival on weekends.  We head down there on a week day afternoon - Wednesday or Thursday is best - and the roads are almost deserted.  We can stop along the way and get all the photos we want.

And the heavenly scent - on a warm day it is amazing.  We've also been there on rainy, soggy days - but the daffodils still glow.  This year they are predicting temperatures in the high 60s and sunshine - look out - here come the flower watchers.

The festival includes tours, flowers for sale, art shows, fly-over tours of the fields, food booths, and used to have a pickle contest.  I'm not sure why they don't do that anymore.  It is all fun and lots of beauty.  Come on over - but remember, I  warned you about weekends.  Enjoy.

Hundreds of acres of daffodils are grown each year, for the bulbs.  

When the flowers reach a certain stage they are then cut and the plants left to mature for the bulbs

So you have to see the tulips while they are still blooming - and before they are cut back

In the early stages of bloom - before they look like this - flower stems are cut for sale at stores in the area.

Waves of yellow - as far as the eye can see - and next week, just as many tulips

We've never been to see the daffodils in the late afternoon - the sun shines through the back of the flowers and gives them a whole different look.

There are so many different kinds of daffodils

Love the yellow back l ight

So  sweet

And of course everyone uses daffodils in their  landscaping

The edgings in these flower gardens is fishing floats

And one tulip with the sun highlighting it - next week the massive tulip fields will be in full bloom - come back next week.