Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rurality -

There are many small, quiet roads in Washington

Peaceful Green Roads

Some go past  big boulder on a rock wall

Or stone Inukshuk along the way

These stone figures can be found in the far north, as symbols that mean "someone was here, or you are on the right path.  The word mean "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language, and they are used for communication and survival. They can also be used as a memorial for a loved one, or as an indication as to where fish can be found.  Some have been used to indicate spirits and spiritual places.  

These are among the oldest and most important objects placed by humans in the Arctic lands, and in Inuuit tradition is is forbidden to destroy Inuksuit.

This was the symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) and it served as a welcome to all that came to the Olympic games.  Since the 2010 Winter Olympics many people have created their own inukshuk of stones from their property or from those gathered in the wild.

This is my inukshuk - given to me by my Grandson Ben and his familiy.  It was a very snowy winter that year and inukshuk is wearing a coat  made of snow.


Tracey9AD said...

Interesting post! I first found out about these when I went to Maine and found them along hiking paths.

Anonymous said...

Great post and love the green (snowed again in MA) and love the inukshuk ~ Enjoy ^_^

Jori said...

So pretty! Love the first shot especially! We are supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow, I was hoping for spring weather!

Connie Smiley said...

How beautiful, and so interesting about the inukshuk. We've seen some around here, but didn't know the history.

Anonymous said...

interesting read ... I've created my own version out of bricks