Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, May 31, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Some Random Things - that's not hard, I'm very random

1. I like sitting on the steps, watching the day come in,  or the end of the day.  I like sitting on the steps.

2. I don't have steps any more.  We have a ramp, didn't think about sitting on the steps when we had the deck built.

3. We like to sit in the house at dusk with the lights off and watch the evening come in.  Our kids call us Moles.

4.I've seen an eight inch long slug - those big brown ones that live in the  redwoods, and bright yellow ones -
called Banana Slugs - also in the redwoods.  So trees aren't the only things that is big in the redwood forests.

5.This weekend I am going to finally get my new flowers potted up for the deck. It has rained so much in the last two weeks that I haven't been able to get to this delightful chore.  The flowers are happy - and soon my deck will be adorned with snapdragons, petunias of all colors, geraniums - pink ones and white ones, alysum, bacopa and carnations. 

 Happy, flowery weekend to you all. 

Friday Fences

Do you have certain roads you drive down over and over?  We have several favorites and each time we drive there we seem to see something new and different.

We've seen this lovely old fence before, but never with flowers in front of it

Solomon's Seal - why have I never in my life seen this flower before?

It was a rainy day - but still perfect for some pictures

I love the delicate little bells on the underside of each stem.  
By this time it was raining hard and we could hear
the drops as they hit the leaves

The rain on the leaves was just an added bonus that day.  A lovely old fence and lovely flowers.

Garden Party - Aromas

There is nothing in the spring like lilacs - ours are blooming - all over town - and the scent is heavenly.

There are so many colors of lilacs - and all are sweet smelling

Sparkling White

Softest, palest lavender - almost with a blue tint

Mounds of pale lilac

Just opening

In full bloom - medium lilac

Can yo have a medium two?  Between medium and dark.  There are so many colors 

Almost every yard has at least one bush - maybe two or three

And dark - next to a Pink Dogwood

The darkest of purples

My friend's lilac - sweet scented and bi-colored

A bouquet of bi-colored lilacs

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Scavenger Hunt

The once a month Scavenger Hunt - lots of fun.


The water in the river was an amazing color

Even through the trees it was aqua


Four bears, sitting at the table - waiting to get into trouble  some lunch

Something Patriotic

I didn't have anything patriotic - so thought you'd love to see another picture of Mt. Baker


The door to my china cabinet is open, so you can see all the pine cone dishes


Anything that sits still for a few moments in Washington, sprouts

Fence posts with grass and a small shrub growing out of the top

A map

A map  I made of Bellingham Bay - top right, and the San Juan Islands - middle.  This is for a quilt about moving to Washington.


Four ducks in a line

Sometimes not a straight line

Sometimes muddled up

Hey you guys - get back in line!!

Ok - that's better


This crow kept coming to the birdbath to wash his food

Or maybe it was too tough and he wanted to dunk

A flag

The teeny tiny Alaska flag flying from the mast of the Alaska State Ferry, leaving Bellingham, WA.  There is also an Alaska flag painted on the funnel - I need to get a better photo of it.  Fireweed and Mullein in the foreground

My grandma used to call Iris, flags, not sure why, but she did.


My clock is broken - I put in new batteries and it still won't keep time.


Key Lime Pie


I was making cranberry/orange scones

The closest I could come to construction

May Scavenger Hunt