Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, July 30, 2016


More barns from our jaunt to British Columbia, Canada
 I thought this was a pretty little horse barn - but there were cows inside
 A large old farm - not much in use anymore.
 Cornfields in front of a working barn and unused silos.
 Nice brown barn
 One of the very large farms - many modern buildings and a brand new silo next to the old ones - one without a top.
An old barn no longer used for its original purpose - at one time part of it was painted and part wasn't - I wonder why.

Friday, July 29, 2016


 There is a kitty in our neighborhood - she visits on the decks and porches - she never comes indoors - she never asks for food - she just looks in windows
 She never eats the wild birds - she never scratches on anything
She just sits and watches - and then moves on.

Saturday's Critters

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones

I had a plan.  After receiving a box of pretty fabric from my friend Candy, I decided to make doll dresses for each doll, using the same pattern - but different trims and fabrics on each dress. Here are some of my choices

But going through my fabrics (almost all that I chose were from Candy) I became enchanted with different colors of rick rack and changed my plan - now the plan is to use different combinations of fabric and coordinating rick rack - and the pattern of the dresses will be the same.

And here they are - same pattern - different fabrics and rick rack - and each doll has a big, matching hair bow.
The purple gladiola are a gift from Don.
Let's go outdoors - the fuchsias are blooming - perfect for our new dresses
Such a sweet summer day - and sweet summer dresses!

Surprise!!!  It's Donnie!
With his new Hawaiian shirt and khaki Bermuda shorts - he is ready for summer too.
Kyla loves her morning glory dress
And Poppy has red fabric with tiny white dots - paired with watermelon trim and red rick rack
Abby's dress fabric is paper dolls (another earlier gift from Candy - what a grand friend) and Sally Jo looks so summery in her red and white striped dress with white dots on red for trim and red rick rack.

No shoes today - it is summer in the garden.

Hurray for summer!

I'm glad I changed my plan and made the dresses with rick rack for trim - they are perfect for summer fun in the garden.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Truck Load of FLowers

Someone has taken a lot of time to plant barrels full of flowers on this old truck

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Recently we had a little vacation in British Columbia, Canada.  We live only 20 miles south of  the Canadian border - so vacationing there is quite simple.  Touring around the Fraser Valley  we enjoyed the farms.  Though not much different than the barns in our part of Washington state, we found the farms to be quite large in some areas.

Some of the barns are similar in shape to our barns
 Often with silos no longer in use also.
 The barn and twin silos were right beside and almost underneath a freeway bridge - a hard shot to get at 110 km an hour (good thing our speedometer is marked in both miles and kilometers)
 What captured my eye was the old wooden silo roofs - and the way they were joined together.
 Majestic mountains tower above a small red barn
 Captured in a drive by - third time was a charm - I'm glad we went that way so many times.
More next week - we had  a good tour of the farming area.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Saturday's Critters

I like this one because the feet are so clear.  But I was zoomed in too much to get the whole bird.
A rainy morning - but a bird's got to eat

Hovering while sipping

Buddy E - the frog - and the crow are watching for more hummingbirds.

Saturday's Critters