Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones

I'd like you to meet Emiline Margaret - a lovely birthday gift from our oldest daughter and family for my birthday - she's got a nice 
English accent and adores dressing up in her velvet and satin frock, and loves to go visiting.

Let's go over and visit Diane and see 
what she's up to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter-Birthday Dinner

My birthday this year was so close to Easter that we decided to combine the two.  
Spring - Easter - Birthday - perfect combination.
Spring tablecloth, spring teapot centerpiece, tulip bouquet, a few early desserts

 My dolls would like to help you take 
your tour of our day 
 They especially want to point out the chocolate bird nests and the Twinkie/Peeps racing cars
 And the "cup"cakes in the pink baking cups
Have you ever seen 70 daffodils 
in one place before?
 Since it is my birthday celebration - I'll let you "guess" how old I am.
 Getting ready to set the table - MacBeth Owens bowls - vintage 1950s glasses
 Spring flower pot napkin rings 
hand painted by me
 Plate and bowls are vintage MacBeth Owens, collected over the years.  
 My favorite spring tablecloth

 Let's share the daffodils - every place 
setting gets a bouquet

 Let's put them all on the table 
oh the scent is heavenly!
 The Depression Glass sherbet dish makes an interesting design on the small bowl

Flatware is vintage sterling
 Let's eat

 Silicon baking cups - shaped like teacups - perfect for a spring dessert
 Bunny bums cupcakes - sheep cupcakes and chocolate bird nests with malted milk eggs
 And a butterfly birthday cake - baked by our youngest daughter - formed into a butterfly by cutting in half and reversing the halves.  Just like my grandmother used to do my me and my cousin (our birthdays are 5 days apart - but she is 360 days older than me) when we celebrated our birthdays together in our early years in California.  The cake is an apple cake - the same kind I've had for my birthday since I was 5.
And of course we had the traditional Easter fun - the grandsons had silly string escapades 

And colored and hunted eggs
 Daffodils all around the house - bouquets everywhere - on the tea cup china cabinet.
 In the kitchen window - and again the tea cup china cabinet
 On the piano
 On the racing car dessert plate - watch out for fast drivers - peep peep!!!  And on my bed table
On our dresser

It was a lovely birthday - my family does know how to put on a party!

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tulip Fields

Here we are -  back with the tulip fields.  Commercially grown for the bulbs, the tulips are allowed to bloom and then you have to be quick to see the fields before the flowers are lopped off.  Sometimes rainy weather interrupts the tulip viewing.  People come from all over Washington and the west coast - and even from other countries to see our spectacular flower fields.

Another view of a barn in front of tulip fields - from yesterday. Can you imagine enjoying the view from their house?
Because people come up from Seattle to see the tulip fields there are traffic jams on the narrow roads - this one went on for over 4 miles - fortunately we were going the other direction.  We locals know the side roads and back ways to get to the tulip fields and don't follow the Tulip Route Signs and avoid sitting in unbearable lines.  This line of cars was barely moving - probably less than 5 miles an hour.  They get backed up at the four-way stop signs on the country roads.
On another road this vintage car was behind us - a little blurry but we were approaching a curve and I wanted to get a shot in the rear-view mirror before the curve.  What a great way to tour the tulip fields.

 This is our favorite yard in Bellingham - every year we enjoy the view of their red tulips.
All colors - pinks, reds, purples, yellows and if you are lucky - white.

 Oops - daffodil bulbs left in 
the field from last year.

The azaleas are blooming too
Our grandson Jahn-Zyel, years ago, 
visiting the tulip fields.