Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, September 21, 2018

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Time for the Summer Scavenger Hunt

1 The Rosiness of Red - a lovely farm in the foothills on a cloudy summer day.
2 Stripes - these cows look like Oreo Double Stuff
3 A framed view - A Great Blue Heron in a tree high above the beach
4 Wings - coming in for a landing on the feeder
5 Pedal Power - this was placed as a decoration near a house on Guemes Island
6 Glorious Green - Our son and grandson (Donnie) in the Lynden City Park - they were visiting from West Virginia.
7 An Unexpected Reflection - rain left puddles between the rows of tulips making beautiful reflections
8 A Pile Of - stuff.  Someone blinged up their mail box - sort of Victorian and Steam Punk and just plain silly - but interesting.

9 Looks Smaller Than You -Spider in a web on a misty morning
10 A Field of Plenty - Horses in a row
11 Pretty in Pink - my neighbor's beautiful Clematis
12 Bell(s) - Foxgloves in our front garden
13 Equal Portions - everyone gets their own rock - no one has to share
14 A Trilogy of Three - Oriental Poppies
15 Out of the Blue - This Tall Ship - the Martha Washington, was in town for a visit
16 shopping bag - not store plastic - Designed and painted by our Grandson Donnie when he was 5.  I also have a matching key chain.
17 Repurposed - now that is clever!  This  braced up tree is on Lummi Island.
18 Currency: Coinage or Paper - Buddy E. (the long legged dancing frog) with coins from the Alaska Marine Hiway 50 Year Celebration.
19 Picture Postcard Perfect - Evening sailing tours of Bellingham Bay
20 Mellow Yellow - Nasturtiums in the sunlight


Kim said...

What gorgeous sights you have captured on your Summer scavenger hunt, JoAnn. The photo of the reflection of the daffodils is amazing and how fun is the horse photo. How obliging of them to all stand in line whilst you snapped them. Love the bag your grandson painted for you. He is quite the artist, isn't he.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the tulips reflection photo and that steampunk mailbox!

eileeninmd said...

Hello JoAnn, what a wonderful series for your scavenger hunt. I love all the birds, cows and horses. Cute shot of your son and grandson Donnie! That mailbox is really unique. I love the clematis blooms, the color is pretty. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

Powell River Books said...

Tall ships are so interesting. You scavenged some great photos. - Margy

Julie Fukuda said...

Those are just wonderful to view. Those cows look like they are wearing blankets made from Nikko's fur. They all are a treat for my eyes on a dark rainy morning. Thanks so much.

Patio Postcards said...

WOW you did really well with the list - so glad you joined in ... I think my favourite is the crutches (re-purposed)I got quite the chuckle from that photo.

Small City Scenes said...

Now that is a lot of different stuff---all good

Lorrie said...

The Oreo cow and sheep made me smile! You took some great photos for the scavenger hunt.

Maggie said...

Great interpretation of some of the prompts and wonderful photos as always. Love those crutches.

Alphie Soup said...

First the I have called by - 11,15 & 20 get the top tick from me...

Angie said...

OK, you had me at Oreo Double Stuff, but then I saw the tulip reflection picture -stunning - and the steam punk mailbox - WANT IT! Enjoy your week ahead!

Mary said...

Have continued to think of you JoAnn and hope all is going well by now.
Sorry we missed you - next time for certain!

Hugs - Mary

debs14 said...

Love those 'Oreo' cows! You have got some fab photos there. Someone had a lot of fun decorating that post box!

Karen said...

Lovely photos. I especially like your choices for the picture postcard perfect and mellow yellow. x x

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I like that mailbox! It makes me wonder if I could do a craft project on something smaller with old parts. Love this post! Hugs, Diane

Kay said...

What a great selection of photos! I love how you caught the great blue heron and hummingbird, your son & grandson, the unexpected reflection. There are some really wonderful sights here. (And, oh, yes: the draft horses and clematis.) All so nice!

Ruth said...

What a gorgeous collection of images! I particularly love the rosiness of red (such an iconic image) and the unexpected reflection. Great job!