Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Is It Spring Yet?

We are ready for spring - the weather has been warmish and sunny and we are wanting to get out in the garden.
 Poppy and Abigail in our  new pants and summer shirts

 And we have our crocs on - don't you think we are ready for spring gardening?

 Oh wait - NOW we are ready for gardening - with gardening aprons, hats and totes.
 We can switch bags and hats - the aprons are identical
 Totes for carrying our gardening supplies and tools - do you think we should plant watermelons this year?

 Getting our seeds ready to plant in our little flower pots

 We switched bags and hats again - did you notice?  We like to do that

Stop by and see Diane at Lavender Dreams - she has a neat doll post too.  You'll really like it.

If your dolls would like gardening togs - the pattern is McCalls 6451.   I think they still sell the pattern in fabric stores - but if not - there is always ebay.


J said...

Absolutely delightful! I vividly recall playing dolls with my sister, but well before the day of purchased accessories. In a way, that was good. I made little sandals for my doll from scraps of "leather." But we just longed for pretend food for our dolls - and all of the things you show here, which would have made us feel like we were in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Terrific, JoAnn!! I popped over from Diane's (Lavender Dreams). Your dolls and outfits are precious! You are a very talented woman!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my goodness! They are picture perfect for Spring. Love their cute hats and totes and they even have their own flower pots. I added a link to your post on my blog! We're having a fun Wednesday! Sweet hugs from the fairytale Princesses, Diane

20 North Ora said...

Adorable! Must see if they still have that pattern.


Vee said...

Diane sent me over! So adorable! Love those little crocs, aprons, and totes.

The Weaver of Grass said...

These are just lovely Joanne - any little girl's dream.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have a pair of dolls that are quite similar. They are about 17 inches tall with rooted har and similar features except the eyes are just painted on. I have no idea of the maker but somehow the name "Sasha"comes to mind. Do you think those patters would fit such dolls? They really need some new clothing.

Powell River Books said...

Great outfits. I like the small watermelon pattern. My mom used to sew all of my doll's (and mine, hers and some of my dad's) clothes. Maybe that's why I never learned. My great grandmother was a seamstress in Norway before she came to the States. My grandmother didn't sew very much. Maybe it's a thing that skips generations in my family. - Margy

Candy S said...

I am in love with the sweet watermelon aprons and bags, just to cute! You do such a beautiful job on the clothes for the dolls I bet you could open an Etsy shop and sell them for a really nice price. It is not just the patterns it is the fabrics you chose and how you trimmed them out in such an adorable fashion. I have been collecting trims and ribbons with the thoughts of making dolls and clothes for John's grand daughters when they are old enough (this year I hope). Have a wonderful evening..... Candy

Kay said...

What a pair of cutie pies! And their personal tailor does such a nice job on their wardrobes!

Small City Scenes said...

They are dressed to the gardening teeth. Excellent!!!!!

I wish I had been more interested in sewing when I was learning. I used to make clothes for my girls when they were little and even cowboy shirts for my late husband but I really didn't enjoy it.

We have 4 nests that we follow. One on Samish road, one on Fir Island One in the Stilly Valley and this new one just around the corner from the house. The one I just posted is just around the corner from our house---stop in if you are out this way.

Carletta said...

These just make me smile! The best part - the crocs. That's all I wear. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

They DO look ready for warmer weather! :)

ann said...

The girls are soooooo cute. I have to buy mine. The American Girl doll catelog arrived this week and they are just precious, but I do like the Madame A better because of the solid body, she does have a sold body? I may do more sewing, but right now I am caught up in the dollhouses. The outfits are just so cute. And thanks for the sweet comment that you left. We had fun preparing tea for our friends. They work hard and needed a time out.

KathyB. said...

Love the outfits. I have 6 granddaughters and my husband 7 I gave them all AG dolls a few years ago. Now I have patterns to sew clothes for the girls dolls. Love getting inspiration for making gifts I enjoy giving and the girls enjoy receiving.