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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Breakfast With The Chickens

Well, not early, with the chickens - but with the chicken dishes.  I had these dishes when we first got married, in 1964.  They were the first set of dishes we bought - at christmas time - for a breakfast table.  We had service for 4.  Over time some of the pieces got broken and chipped and finally, no more chicken dishes.

Then in the last few years we found a few pieces at Goodwill - and some on ebay - and more on ebay.  Who knew that our first set of dishes, from Sears, would become collectibles?  Certainly not me.  Now I have 8 plates, two bowls. lots of cups and last weekend Don found the salt and pepper shakers in a LaConner antique store - for about 1/4 of what they would be on ebay.

In celebration of no snow - and new salt and pepper shakers - we had breakast on the Holt Howard chicken dishes.
New kids on the block

For the berry bowls I used square, individual yellow pyrex baking cups

I've had the red handled silverware for about 20 years now
Juice glass and coffee mug

Woven Rattan napkins rings and yellow checked napkins
The juice glass can be turned up side down and used as an egg cup

American Sweetheart fruit bowl

Little fairy houses for the centerpiece

A bee skep cracker jar - the lid has a rubber ring to seal it tight and keep the crackers fresh

Juice glass or egg cup - the chicken design is inverted on the other side so it shows up correctly no matter what you are using it for

Do you have a favorite set of breakfast dishes?


Pondside said...

What a bright and cheery table you can set with those pretty dishes, JoAnn! I love them. I'd be using them every morning between now and Easter.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

These are so bright and fun, JoAnn! I can see why you loved them then and why you love them now. It sets such a happy table, and I love the bee hive. All so cute!



greenthumb said...

They look very pretty, I can see why you have added more to your collection.

Kay said...

I'm not a morning person but a table like this is enough to perk up even the foggiest non-morning head. It is so cheerful and bright! The colors are so upbeat. And I'm terribly impressed that Don is such a good and supportive shopping pal. My husband will come along and support me but he doesn't usually take off on searches.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have a chicken sugar bowl (Wood turned on a lathe) I also have a red glass milk pitcher to go with it but I wouldn't dare set it on the table unless we had company. I let my husband use the dishes that are hardest to break and chip because he is an expert at that.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Absolutely perfect china for breakfast.

Wildflowerhouse said...

What a delightful breakfast with all those great dishes. You wrote me about the fairies and not finding some fabric. Well look inside those darling fairy houses. I bet you'll find them there. Ha!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

JoAnn, I've never seen anything cuter or heard a better story. What a great breakfast table. So bright and cheerful. Would make you want to get up in the morning! I found a set of green dishes at Goodwill in San Diego. Not my usual color or match but will look good for Christmas. Very country. But the the next day at the same store I found salad or cake plates with matching green and peaches on them, so now they have become another set for another occasion. What fun. Keep collecting!..Happy Monday..Judy

Jeanne said...

My favorite set of breakfast dishes is your chickens!!

Candy S said...

I am so in love with your chickens. They are not just regular chickens, they are perky, happy, good morning chickens. This adorable breakfast table is is the just the cutest ever. I love the bee skep with the darling little bees on it, it adds wonderful whimsey. And you have fairy houses too. They would be perfect for a fairy garden. Have a wonderful week!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Super cute chicken ware! I like all the different looks you get by mixing in other pieces.