Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Favorite Thing

  One of my favorite things is spring - and spring flowers.  Yesterday we had lovely weather  - sunny - almost 60 degrees and bright blue skies. When Don got home from work we took off on one of our rides in the country and I found wonderful spring flowers.

Fields of Dandelions - oh how I love Dandelions.  We get the word Dandelion from the French dent-de-lion, meaning Tooth of the Lion.

This is a particularly good year for Dandelions and the fields are covered in their bright shiny yellow faces

Our yard is cooler because of the shade and we don't have the luxury of so many Dandelions like this.  I saw one little one last night when we drove in - hopefully there will be more soon.

Flowering Quince is blooming everywhere.

The sun was lighting this bush from behind and made the blossoms glow

Such pretty flowers

And Oregon Grape - an unassuming looking plant, with small, dusty purple berries in clusters in the summer, but the spring is its time to shine.

Full of glorious little daffodil shaped flowers

Oh the color - such a pretty plant in the spring.

The flowers are less than an inch across - but so pretty.  I love spring flowers


Veronica Roth said...

Oh my gosh JoAnn, I've been wanting to make dandelion crowns for weeks now. Up here we just have them starting and I can't wait to get my hands on some long stemmed ones. (I promised to do a bit of a tutorial on the blog for a few people) Your quince is beautiful and a little ahead on my mom's. I don't have one in my garden but usually manage to steal a few branches from Yesterday it was quite nice here too and I walked in a park just below the mountains and saw the Oregon Grape just opening. I love them, don't you? Such hardy and faithful plants. Hugs to you, see you soon. :)

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

My ex's mom and her sisters used to go to the fields in the spring to dig up dandelions before they came into bloom. They would have them in a spring salad.

Diane said...

Great photos! Nothing like that around here!

Claudia said...

Gorgeous photos. I love flowers. I love Spring - is there anything more glorious? And thank you for your refreshing take on Dandelions - so many people are ready to get rid of their dandelions - as if such beauty was a nuisance. Thanks for the reminder that they are lovely indeed.

Thanks so much for joining in this week.


Babajeza said...

I'm looking forward to all of these things. Spring has just started today, which means it's the first day with warmer weather. :-)

Crispy said...

Lovely photos :0) Well maybe not the dandylions....dang pesky things LOL.


Jeanne said...

We are still waiting fro spring!! Love the dandy lions.

It's Just Dottie said...

My mom and grandmother used to make Dandelion wine!!
Smiles Dottie

Balisha said...

A wonderful first present from a child.....a chubby little fist with a bouquet of dandelions for Mommy. I remember them with joy.

Folkways Note Book said...

Love your dandelions! -- barbara

Susan Freeman said...

Isn't it funny that we consider Dandelions to be weeds. They are so sunny and happy looking and their roots and leaves have so many medicinal purposes. My quince is blooming too and it is so pretty. Beautiful post!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley