Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


When we headed out to do some thrift store shopping, first stop I found these two vintage crib quilts.  It looks like they were made by the same person, who appears to have been very thrifty with her fabrics.  When she didn't have enough of one color she added in another to finish up the quilts. As she sat stitching the little quilts, perhaps for a coming grandchild, she stitched dreams into each quilt - dreams for a happy and healthy life for baby, dreams of wondrous things baby would grow up to do and dreams of summer days spent with baby and the quilts.

Oh the price, you ask?  Well - how does 12.00 for both sound.  They were listed as 12.00 each but when I got to the check out the lady said it must be buy-one-get-one-free day - and who am I go disagree?

 A new quilt to wrap the new baby in - pinks and blues - it will be grand for the boy or girl baby soon to arrive.  Stitches tiny, just right for a baby.  But there isn't enough of the pale pink, so darker pink is substituted.  Now the quilt is done and ready to fold into the crib until the day baby arrives.


Soft colors - the fabric is soft and fine.  The days are warm and sunny, but the baby will need a warm quilt when the winter winds blow.

Babies need many quilts - red and white will be happy colors for baby.  Not enough red scraps in the sewing basket, but that is ok, come of the pinwheels can have less red, and the last two blocks will be pieced all of white.  This quilt will be good for sunny days when baby gets to be outdoors in the summer.  Folded away now, waiting for baby.

Vintage quilts have such wonderful stories - hold them close to your heart.


~ Liz ~ said...

I love the quilts and that they just went on and finished with what they had. I keep an eye out for quilts but never come across any. What a great find!

Lili said...

Interesting finds...such lovely work!

joanne said...

beautiful...I hate to see such wonderful treasures in the give-away, so glad you rescued them!

Krystal said...

these are so beautiful and such a great find!