Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunlit Sunday - Herons and Ducks

It was a glorious day yesterday and we headed out to find some birds. It is almost migration time so these last few weeks are crucial for getting photos of some of the ducks.  The Hawks have already migrated back to our area, and Herons we have all year.

We were headed for Anacortes, WA and took the long way there - out through Bow and Edison and past Bayview State Park.  A great rural route for finding birds.  I know where a lot of the hawks are and can usually spot one in its usual area, often they are not in an area where we can stop and get photos, but it is also fun to look for them in their area and see them in a tree or a lamp post on the freeway or even one a road sign, looking for food.

We spotted this one in a tree on the hill on the way down into Edison - the sunlight was perfect - showing his feathers.  We looked about quickly for a place to turn around - since the spotting often takes place at the last minute and we are past the bird before we can safely stop.  We found a driveway - pulled in and it was a circular driveway - so around we went - and when we came around we were in the perfect spot for taking photos -and out of traffic.  After a good number of shots we pulled back out onto the road and I'm pretty certain that the people in the house never knew we were there - and never say the hawk.

He posed ever so nicely for us.  Click the photos for up close views.  .  .

Thank You Mr. Hawk

I got one shot of a duck - a Northern Shoveler - and then.  .  .

An eagle shadow passed over our car and the ducks in the  puddle flew up - I missed the first shot of them taking off.  .  .

Flying over the car - not a spectacular shot, but shows how they started to veer off as they approached the car.  .  .

Landing.  .  .

Safe from that eagle for now.  .  .

Nearing Anacortes, we took a little side road that went down along the bay - and there we saw three herons in a row - all fishing the shallow waters of Fidalgo Bay.  I'd never been able to capture three herons at once.  You might click the photo to see all three clearly. 

This was the one farthest out - and then two of them flew away.  .  .

Leaving this one, nearest the shore - and then he flew away too.

It was a great day for birds - and we hadn't even gotten to Anacortes yet.


My Little Home and Garden said...

Having visited you blog several times now, I can see that you really appreciate the wildlife that lives in your area. The hawk is beautiful and the ducks so plentiful.

Thanks for bringing all of these feathered creatures to "Sunlit Sunday".

Have a great week.


Ruth Kelly said...

There were some spectacular shots of birds.

Tracy Wood said...

Fantastic glad that hawk posed for you!! Just stopping over from Sunlit Sunday to say 'hello' and 'have a great week.'..... ps... your book sounds very interesting!

zaza said...

Terrific shots!
My hubby is the birdwathcher in the family but I tag along so I can photograph them.
Have a terrific week :-)

Lili said...

You certainly got the attention of that hawk. Nice of him to pose for you. Enjoyed seeing all this wildlife!