Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, March 16, 2018

Viewing Nature

This is what we saw on a recent ride.  The position of the "critters" in the large yard was too far apart for me to get them both in the picture so I had to make a panorama view for you - I can tell you for sure - it did make us stop instantly when we saw them.
I can truly say I've never seen a cow looking through a telescope at an eagle before.  What fun those folks in that house must have.

Saturday's Critters

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Treasures of Spring

A gift for my birthday last year - grape hyacinth and mini daffodils - there are pink tulips in the planter also - that are just starting to emerge.

Lots of rain and then dew overnight - the sparkles in the sunlight were just too much to resist.

And in a nearby flowerpot, there was a dew covered spider web - just waiting for some unsuspecting bug to come along to visit.
The water droplets were amazing!!!!
I'm thankful for the beauty around us, we don't have to look far for it.  And thankful for my friend Zeneida, who gave me the pretty pot of flowers last year - they will give me years of memories.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Two Years Ago!

This is a repost from two years ago - just showing how the flowers vary in their blooming time.  This year the fields are just beginning to show daffodil blossoms - and two years ago they were almost finished on March 6.

Snow Geese overwinter here in NW Washington by the thousands. Flocks move around the county and we feel fortunate when we come upon the massive flocks.

Daffodils are grown in this area too - thousands and thousands of them.  A few for cut flowers, but most of them are grown for the bulbs, sold around the world. 

Put the two together - and you have magic.

please click photos to enlarge and get the 
full effect of the Snow Geese flying
 King Alfred Daffodils - the largest daffodil grown
 We found a field of daffodils with a line of Snow Geese behind the daffodils.  Parking off the road we waited - and waited 
 And then the flock of approximately 30,000 to 40,000 Snow Geese rose from behind the daffodils
 What makes the flock rise up?  Perhaps it is this Bald Eagle on a fence post.  I didn't see the eagle until I loaded the photos on the laptop - and there it was.  
 The Snow Geese rise up in waves
 The Bald Eagle waits patiently

 The sound of thousands of Snow Geese is unbelievable - you can almost feel the sound as they whirl about.
 We drove down to another road behind the snow geese - and again they lifted off by the thousands

 The daffodil fields stretch for miles - glistening in the spring sunshine - the scent is heavenly
 Back again to the Daffodil Field and what luck - the Snow Geese fly up again

A glorious early spring day - temperatures in the mid 60s - bright sunshine - Daffodils in full bloom - Snow Geese - magic, pure magic!!

Through My Lens 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Winter China Cabinets

After the holidays I like to have dishes in the china cabinets that add cheer to the rest of winter.  With our grey skies and plenty of rain here in the Pacific Northwest we need something bright and shiny.
 Pretty pink and green depression glass are just the ticket!
 And some blue glass in the side cabinet.

 This pitcher is a favorite any time of the year - it is great for summer meals on the deck, as well as wintry meals set on a blue and white table.

 A cute Shirley Temple milk pitcher for a breakfast table.

 Green is a perfect color for winter in the Pacific Northwest - we are green all year round.
 And pink adds a sparkle

 Candy jars, vases and pitchers in green Depression Glass set atop the hutch in the dining room

 The pink candy dish on the left, sitting on a serving platter, was a special gift from some friends in California.  It has been one of their special wedding gifts 50 years before, and they shared it with us as a going away gift when we moved to Northern California.
 Uh oh - a little bit of Easter is beginning to appear on the hutch.
 Won't be long until it is full of spring and Easter

Watch for more springtime in the dining room - soon.