Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekly Top Shot

The Red-winged blackbirds are back in the swampy area near our house - I've been trying for years to get a really good picture of one.

Happy Birthday

Wednesday was fun - it was my birthday - and that is always fun.  My friend Julee came up for the day and we laughed and talked and sewed and painted and laughed and  ate cupcakes.
 Oscar the Grouch cupcakes that Julee brought
Another friend - dear Diane in Florida  -   sent me the cutest little doll
Her name is Sally Jo - and here she is between Poppy and Abigail 
More about Poppy and Abby's new summer outfits next time - stay tuned

 Diane made Sally Jo - with cute ribbons and a ladybug button
And sent this darling  card too.
 And two teacup coasters that she made.
Perfect for a cup of tea and an Oscar the Grouch cupcakes, don't you think?
Julee also brought me a pretty bouquet
And Don gave me the traditional birthday bouquet of daffodils.

And videos from Donnie in West Virginia

My birthday isn't over - our daughters are bringing a birthday dinner up this weekend so we'll get to see them and the grandsons.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mosaic Barn Collective Monday

I thought I'd combine today - barns and mosaics.
 Very typical shape of barns in our area - often they seem to have faces

 This barn seems to be saying - "Hello Cows, come on over for a visit"
 Happy face on a yellow barn

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sunlit Sunday

It has rained buckets full this week - we got well over 3 1/2 inches - and this afternoon the sun peeked out (they call them sunbreaks here) and I rushed out to get photos of the hyacinths on the deck.  They are almost at their prime now - and the scent is unbelievable - even wet from the rain.  The hummingbirds are clustering around the flowers but I didn't get any shots of them.
 The flowers just dripped with raindrops from the recent rain

 The three tier planter is bursting with flowers

 And the scent is unbelievable - I left the door open and the house is full of fragrance from the flowers

Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Top Shot

Nothing thrills me more than a good view of Mt. Baker - add some snow geese and we have double thrills.

Six Words Friday - First Day of Spring

Honoring the first day of spring
Let rain break upon your head 

With her fine silver liquid drops
Let the rain sing a lullaby
The rain plays a sleep song 
On our roof late at night
And I do love the rain. 
Langston Hughes (paraphrased to fit Six Words Friday)

Five on Friday

Tulip season is here - the tulip farms will be opening this weekend - two weeks early.  The Tulip Festival in Skagit (sounds like gadget) Valley is scheduled for the month of April, but with the warm winter we have had here in NW Washington State the daffodils and tulips have bloomed much earlier than usual.

We love to take a drive down through the fields - the flowers are amazing. 

1. More Tulips are grown in Skagit Valley than any place else in the U.S.
Massive fields stretch out for acres and acres

 2. The variety of colors is amazing - something for everyone
 3. Yards everywhere are adorned with tulip gardens.

4. One of our favorite yards in our town - every year the red tulips sparkle in this year 
 5. A little rain doesn't discourage us - we are from Washington.  The joke here is that you can tell the tourists because they carry umbrellas.

 Five on Friday - I think I fudged a little on the number - but just had to share the flowers with you.