Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Black and White Wednesday - Nasturtiums

I love nasturtiums - the colors - the scent - the taste - just an all around great flower.  Now here they are in Black and White.



CottageStyle Party

In Washington it is apple time - and I do mean Apple Time.  
It starts in the spring - apple blossoms everywhere
 Then come the apples - single trees - orchards - lines of apple trees forming fences - apples everywhere

 Apples at farmstands - by the road with a sign and a money box to  pay for the apples you bought - vast orchards - apples everywhere
This is the wooden hand carved basket where I keep the apples
I even have wooden apples hanging in the kitchen - I painted these years ago 
Out comes the apple peeler - and our apples become pies 

A party is always better with pies 
Other days I get out the crock pot - we are going to make apple butter 

It takes two days - but it is worth it - a winter's worth of apple butter to spread on homemade bread - toasted and hot.
 Mmmmm- cut into that crust - the pie smells so good right out of the oven
 If you get apples early enough in the season you can add some late season peaches and make a Peachy Apple Pie

And that is our Cottage Style Party for today

Would you like some tea with your pie?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mosaic Monday - Herons

It is Monday today - though it seems like an extra Sunday.   Here in the U.S. it is Labor Day - the last hurrah of summer - the weekend before most schools start up again - a day for honoring labor and trade organizations, begun in the 1880s.  Today it is a time for picnics, family gatherings and fun!  It officially marks the end of summer for many, though there are still many summer days left -  the tempo changes, we shift into thinking about the coming holidays, school and end of the year projects.

It is always a 3 day holiday - since Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September.  Don and I have spent the first two days of our holiday doing some house chores (kitchen cabinet doors are put up in the kitchen), having Ben and his dog Daisy over for a few hours, doing some light grocery shopping and taking a picnic to a local beach where I found a heron posing for me.  Today we have a few things to finish up around the house - then perhaps another picnic and a ride down south to Skagit (sounds like gadget) county in case there are any hawks, eagles or herons that need photographing.

I thought I would share some of this summer's herons with you today. 

And a Kingfisher and some Killdeer from Birch Bay

I have a new place for making collages - - wowee is it fun.

Linda - at recommended it  - and it is just the thing I've been looking for.  I've used for collages for a long time - but there are limitations. ipiccy has so many more options - like rounded corners and transparent backgrounds - and a lot more that I've not even had time to explore.  Thank you so much Linda - be sure and visit her blog - it is full of so many great and wonderful things.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


This is my weekly top shot - the sweet yellow pear tomatoes that I grew on our deck this summer.  This is the first time to actually get tomatoes.  A warm sunny summer here in the Pacific Northwest helped - my first tomatoes!!!!  There are dozens more on the plants - I eat them as fast as they get ripe. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's Critters

I just couldn't resist - we were driving down the street and there they were - just waiting for me to take their picture.  So I did - and now you can see them too.
 A flock of flamingos in the Pacific Northwest

August Scavenger Hunt

August Scavenger Hunt - let's have some fun
*  *  *  *
W is for
Weathered old truck
*  *  *  *
At 5 p.m. the Amtrak Passenger train arrives at the border crossing between British Columbia, Canada and Washington state.  It stops for inspection - the border agent gets on at this stop - the train pulls forward as the agent walks to the back of the train - then the train stops - the last car still in Canada, and the agent gets off.
*  *  *  *
I think about our son and grandson Donnie, in WV.  I think  about our daughter-in-law Jamie, too - she took this photo  and sent it to us.  They are napping under a Country Roads Quilt I made for Donnie.  Sometimes the ordinary everyday things are the sweetest.
*  *  *  *
If you don't stay centered in the skiff you will tip over.  These two ladies were rowing on the bay.  It looks like they came right from work to the  bay.
*  *  *  *
Peace Arch - in a park on the border between Canada and the U.S.
*  *  *  *
A gold ball on the lid of my London Tea Pot
*  *  *  *
I couldn't come up with any luggage this month - so I thought you would enjoy these colorful mailboxes in Birch Bay.  
Two Canada Geese with their heads under water.
*  *  *  *
On your shelf
My Grandmother's Desert Rose dishes
*  *  *  *
Something you do everyday
Every day I see deer in or near our yard.
*  *  *  *
The glitter of sunlight on water as the Sandpipers dip into the water to find dinner 
My niece Amanda.    They were visiting us on our 25th anniversary.  Almost everyone there had glasses and Amanda wanted some - so our youngest daughter took her shopping at the mall and they found some glasses with clear glass in them.  The sun is shining off the glass.  This was 25 years ago -  Amanda is now the wonderful mother of three amazing little boys.  Our family still talks about that great visit and our sweet niece (and her brothers).
 Our grandson Ben also wanted some faux glasses - just two years ago - here he is, doing a silly pose for me - the sun reflecting off his glasses too
And some real sunglasses - our nephew Buddy (now called Bud) wearing silly sunglasses and riding his new tricycle.  This was almost 50 years ago - time flies when you're having fun!  Bud lives in Alaska and has twins who just started first grade - Sullivan and Frankie - a darling boy and sweet little girl.
*  *  *  *
And that's my scavenger hunt for August - almost all the photos are current - but I just couldn't resist the glasses photos.