Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, May 17, 2019

I'm Back

It has been a long time - a lot of work - and lots of help from our family, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - the far, far tunnel, but at least there is a light.

I no longer have to have someone with me 24 hours a day - the girls still come every day during the week - and Don is here nights and weekends, as always.  I enjoy having the girls here - and realize they have their own families and lives to tend to also.

I'll try and get some posts out, as my energy level allows.  I've sure missed reading all the fun blogs that I was following - but Bloglovin' has decided that since I was gone for so long that I was no longer interested in following blogs - and they deleted my list of blogs that I've been following - they even deleted my account - though they still send me notices of blogs that were on that list - go figure!

So I will slowly build up my list of blogs to follow - and hope I find everyone that I used to follow.

 Here is some of the silliness at our house.  I have been able to begin making hats for the homeless again - it is something I can do with the level of energy and stamina that I have.  Some of my bears decided that they wanted to test the hats - then they decided they needed to see a doctor too - Doctor Moose - and the frog nurse - you can play "find the frog nurse", he is wearing a yellow and green pom pom on his head.  
 The bears are in the waiting room - hoping to see the doctor soon.

Thanks for stopping by - I'll try and get to your blogs as soon as I can find them again.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Update on JoAnn

No photos today folks -, this is Don, JoAnn's husband. I wanted to answer a few questions she's been receiving and catch you up on what is happening . After 10 days in the hospital she has been home for a few days now. She is improving slowly, has someone from the family with her 24 hours a day, has home health nurse visits as well as PT visits. Right now her goal is to gain her strength back so she can get back to normal activities. All infections are healing well and responding to treatment, nothing new has developed, thank goodness. She still isn't up to individual communications, but really appreciates all your care and concern,and does love hearing from her friends. The family and I thank you all for being so thoughtful and kind. Progress seems slow but it is happening.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Remembering 2018 - Part 1

It is a little late in the year - but here are some memories of 2018 - the first of four editions.

 Snow Geese fill the overwintering fields on Fir Island

 The full moon shines bright over our house.

 Snow Geese flocks - stretch far across the fields
 Hawks, Bald Eagles and Robins all look for winter food.

 Great Blue Herons are year round residents  - often sitting in trees, watching for lunch or dinner.
 Pintail Ducks come by the thousands - huge rafts fill the bays and seasonal ponds in the fields.
 And the majestic Trumpeter Swans enjoy the water

 February is usually our snowiest month, and last year it sparkled with snow fairies.

 The Juncos were busy at the neighbor's feeder, which hangs right outside our dining room window in an Oso Berry bush, which had already sprouted leaves when the snow storms hit.
 Snow Geese flying up - and they never run into each other, or land on top of each other.  Click photo for a better view.
 Dunlin shorebirds love the seasonal ponds in the corn fields.  Here they are watched over by a seagull.

 The flowers begin to come out in February
While seagulls dip and dive in the wind. 
 Huge flocks of Trumpeter Swans fill the fields and ponds.

 And Mt. Baker shows some of her majesty.

 It was a very good month.

The dolls are ready for the start of Spring Training and spring time parties. 
 And by March the daffodil fields are full of flowers - most years.
 Our favorite lawn in town, completely covered in crocus.
Flowers are everywhere! 

 Apple trees begin to bloom
 And early Rhododendrons show up!

 A different view of Mt. Baker
 And springtime dishes and table decorations.
 While Red Tail Hawks keep watch
 And the last of the Pintail Ducks enjoy a bit of a swim among the grasses
 The Sisters show off their winter coat of snow.
 And a clever spider builds a confusing web, which is sparkling with morning dew.

 How was your 2018?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Santa, Crabapples and Shorebirds

Some random fun as we drive around, looking for Snow Geese, or Tundra Swans, or Bald Eagles, or Red Tail Hawks - or whatever might surprise and delight us.
 At first I thought these were rose hips, but no thorns, with the help of neaby blogger, Lorrie, she tells me these are Hawthorn trees - sure would like to see this tree in bloom in the spring.

 And there was a Velvet, vintage Santa, just enjoying the afternoon on the swing - well into the new year.  I guess Santa needs a rest now and then too.
 And a flock of shore birds, Dunlins I think - so far away in the seasonal pond that I couldn't get a great focus - but a thrill anyway - We've looked for these for two years and finally spotted a medium sized flock.

And they scattered as a hawk passed over - what a thrill!