Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, August 22, 2016

Washington Park - Anacortes

One of our favorite parks is Washington Park - in Anacortes Washington.  It is on a point of land on high bluffs - with a narrow, paved, one-way walking, biking and driving trail.  Just room for one car - everyone is polite - walkers and bikers move to the side of the trail when cars pass them - cars drive carefully and slowly - allowing time and space for those walking and biking.

There are small parking areas in the woods along the trail - with access to high bluffs that are fitted out with benches, split rail fences and picnic tables.  We often take a picnic and enjoy the scenery - islands, bays and lots of boats.

This was our recent picnic trip to Washington Park - on a hot day - but the ocean breezes kept us very comfortable.
 The Washington State ferries pass - going to and from the San Juan Islands from the Anacortes terminal
 A good variety of boats entertain us as we picnic

 After our picnic we finish the drive around the loop - to a spot high on a bluff overlooking Burrows Bay and Burrows Pass.  With swift tides you must wait until the tide is right to get through the pass - often there are boats waiting their turn
 The scenery is majestic looking back towards Anacortes
 There is a wonderful old snag on the bluff - weathered by the wind, rain and sunshine

Just one branch on the left side is still living - tenacious old tree.  

Just to the left and and across the bay, above the marina, is a house that has been purchased recently by one of my high school classmates - what a fabulous view they will have.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Snap with Snaps - Summer Food

I found Helena's Meme and it looked like fun - 4 photos with that form a set.  My theme is summertime food.  Enjoy!

Are you hungry now?  I think I'll go make a big salad.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones

You've heard of summer re-runs on the TV - well here is a summer re-run for Wednesday Wee Ones.  Our weather is beautiful - just the perfect time for a sweet orange sunsuit.
Sally Jo is set for adventure!
 With a sunsuit that has pretty orange buttons and a pocket
 My goodness, it is windy today
 That's better - sometimes it is hard to keep my hair tidy
 Let's build a stone cairn - I have just the stones for it
 Careful now
 One last stone
 The top stone is an unpolished agate

 I am taking a rest
 And I built another stone cairn

I got a new headband - that is going to help with the windy days.

It's been a nice day - thanks for stopping by - have you ever built a Stone Cairn?  It takes a steady hand.

Do stop by and see Diane   She has some new dollie friends and some autumn ideas.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mosaic Monday

It is nearing the end of hydrangea season in NW Washington - they grow lush and beautiful in our area - and many yards feature them.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mosaic Monday

It is nearing the end of hydrangea season in NW Washington State.  They grow well - and big - here and many homes and gardens feature wonderful displays.
 There are several varieties - this is the Angel Wing Hydrangea - a gift from our daughter's family last year.  Do you see the "wings" on the outer edge of the bloom?  I love the light and medium colors of the flowers.  They start out green and slowly turn to this lovely pink

 These cone-shaped hydrangeas are gaining popularity - and I can see why-  the huge blossoms are spectacular.
And the Lace Cap Hydrangea - with a halo of larger outer flowers.

 Big dispays in yards - notice the hedges of Hydrangeas in the background also.
 I love their big moppy heads

 A delicate blue Angel Wing


 Lace Cap in blue

 Lovely purple
 This was the first cone shaped one I ever saw - it was in the garden of a new friend in Bow, Washington.

 Different colors on the same bush

 Parks and public spaces often plant hydrangeas