Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Fashion Show

We're in a fun mood today - so let's do a year long fashion show.  Sit back and enjoy

 We're all dressed up for a day of playing together
 And then a slumber party
Abby and Poppy Sunshine are ready for any kind of weather

All dressed up for Valentines Day
 And baking cookies

 We have our garden outfits - we can trade our hats and bags
 Spring time - striped pants and sweet blouses

 Sunsuits are perfect for the warm spring days - and a sweet doll from our friend Diane
 Shorty pajamas for a springtime slumber party
 Abbey loves her new pink pinafore sundress

And a striped romper is just the thing for a day on the deck

 Poppy is ready for a warm day - or a bit of a chilly day

 Abby and our new sister, Sally Jo - dressed in music note sun dresses and hats - they like to trade too
 Let's get our hair styled - we all have new capes

 Poppy likes to travel - she has her mix-and-match wardrobe ready for any occasion 
 A reversible cape is perfect for chilly evenings while traveling

 And tea with the Queen
 Sally Jo likes to meditate on the deck with her cairns
 All decked out - on the deck - in black and white outfits

 An angel came to visit
Sally Jo and Abby are in their fancy dresses for a tea party

 It is time to begin thinking about cooler evenings - a green coat and hat will do nicely

Sally Jo wants to dress up and cook dinner for everyone - practicing for Thanksgiving
Let's make a cake 
 Poppy's jumper is perfect for those days that are not quite summer and not quite Autumn 
 And Abby has a cute Bubble Dress with matching dancing shoes
 Three friends all dressed up

 Time for Halloween. Candy Corn costumes - new Halloween outfits and a surprise - our new brother Donnie - he loves his Zorro costume

 A visit to the pumpkin patch - Donnie has a new jacket - and Sally Jo got her new wings - she says fairies don't get cold when they are flying while wearing their silver shoes

Sally Jo is out hunting for a turkey to invite to Thanksgiving dinner - she found a very friendly one

We hope you enjoyed our fashion show - do come back later for christmas fashions.

Visit Diane and Candy - lots more fun with dolls.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Good, Random, Home, Fun

 The good - candles I made for our oldest daughter's wedding shower - 14 years ago - good memories

 This little camper sat in a field with some pumpkins on it
And nearby - this rooster who refused to turn around and look at me
 We see this old propane tank often when we go to  Fir Island - they've recently spruced it up.  We are all on this planet together - if we could just see how much we all have in common I'm sure we'd be friends.  

The other day I was entering a grocery store and in front of me were four young men - in "current trends" clothes and speaking Spanish.  As I moved towards the shopping carts one of them was wiping down the whole cart with a sanitizing cloth, one was taking litter out of the cart and putting it in the trash can.  One of them pushed the cart toward me and proudly in his best English he said "Please for you Senora".  They all smiled at me and I smiled back - what lovely young men they were.  And in my best Spanish I replied "Gracias muchachos".  Their mothers must be so proud of them, I know I was.
 A random seagull - just because they are wonderful to look at.

At our new favorite consignment store, Picket Fences, in Lynden, WA, I found this set of service for four - plus serving pieces, for just 19.95 for the whole set.  What could be more fun than that?

Mosaic Monday

 The Trumpeter Swans are back for the winter.  North of  Bellingham we found them in flooded cornfields.

There were about 20 times as many Swans as in this photo, spread out along the flooded fields 

The flood waters are from the Nooksack River and from heavy rainfalls for the past week.  None of the houses on the nearby farms had been flooded - just the fields.

 There were also thousands of over-wintering ducks in the flooded fields too.  They were quite a distance  away.  By the shapes I can see Mallards, Pintails and Widgeons.  Those three kinds of ducks usually flock together during their winters here.

 The Trunpeter Swans were still flying in all the time we were driving along the river road.. 

It was a fabulous sight - and the sound is amazing.  You can hear them calling as they fly and land in the water and then they gabble and chat with each other as they swim.  I could listen to them all day.

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