Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumn Leaves in the Rain

The autumn rains in NW Washington start any time from mid August to, this year - late October.  This is a strange year - a long warm summer, followed by a long warm autumn - and still we have sunny and warm days in between the rain storms -  and it is almost November.  I'll take it - no complaints here.
But when it rains - sometimes it is beautiful and peaceful - often a soft dripping rain, and other times a heavy rain - both give us the rain we need to keep our state the "Evergreen State".
 A few drops - the leaves wait

 Soaking up the drops
Dripping with droplets - quenching their thirst
Water will drip down to the roots - more leaves will grow next year
Ahh the joy of rain on autumn leaves.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Little Autumn Decorating

I decorate just a little for autumn, waiting for the big decorating for christmas - but I have some lovely seasonal, figural dishes and I display them on the buffet in the dining room.

And a cute door decoration - Ma and Pa Crow - welcome friends and family
 Cabbage Soup Tureen - small enough for soup for two - or a serving dish for bigger dinners

 Bee Skep cracker/cookie jar

 Yellow Poppy Shaped bowls - found each one at a different Value Village store on two different days
 Autumn Tablecloth with glass pumpkin cookie jar and Flower Fairy candle holder

Do you have favorite dishes that you use for the different seasons?

Mosaic Monday 


While on Orcas Island we were entertained by the seagulls - trying to get to the pilings near the beach in front of the cabin - they did this continually all day - with a little break around 2-3 p.m.   Guess they had to have their naps too.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Leaves - Six Words Friday

 In Autumn - by Winifred C. Marshall
They are coming down in showers,
 The leaves all gold and red;

They are covering the little flowers,

And tucking them up in bed.

They have spread a fairy carpet
All up and down the street
And when we skip to school
They will rustle 'neath our  feet

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This Morning's Moon - B&W Wednesday

When I got up at 5:30 this morning I noticed that it was lighter outdoors than normal - looked out and there was the moon - behind a thin layer of clouds.
When I zoomed in - the thin clouds disappeared.
 My camera is the CANON POWERSHOT SX30IS with tripod - magnification is 55X and 118X, landscape setting

Monday, October 13, 2014

Please Come In

I showed you the outside of the cabin that we stayed in for our 50th Anniversary get-away - now I'd like to show you the inside.  It is a charming cabin in Olga, WA, on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, just off the coast from Bellingham.
 We spent one afternoon on the beach - this is the view of the cabin from the wooden walkway to the beach.  You can see the brand new metal roof on the house.  When we arrived it was pouring rain and the sound on the roof was fabulous.
  This is the view on a foggy morning (that turned into a sunny day) from the living room

 The dining room had a lovely table, all set and ready for dinner.  The vintage cabinet held lovely dishes and linens.

 Nearby was an old typewriter - I remember learning to type on one of these in High School.  It took brute force to pound those keys.
 There is a bed in the living room - you can go to sleep looking at the stars and wake up to the sunshine - what a treat.  Grampa Bear, Mrs. BrownDirt and Buddy E. loved the bed too
 The curtains beside the bed in the living room were hung on branches - the perfect curtain rod.

 One of the cupboards in the kitchen was the top of an old Hoosier cabinet - great for storing our food and some serving pieces.   Everything was so cleverly arranged.
 There were even mugs that match a set of lighthouse dishes that I have.  We felt right at home drinking our hot tea in these mugs, while sitting on the deck looking at the Milky Way one clear evening.
In one end of the living room there were cast iron skillets hanging on an old chimney and a cabinet full of lovely crystal.  Below this was a big counter/cabinet for storage. 
 Jackie - the owner of the cabin has spent a lot of time making sure the cabin is cozy and attractive.  She is a thoughtful and very interesting person - we are glad we met her.
 A pretty basket and some lavender.  The cabin is so sweetly decorated - each piece makes you feel more at home.
 A flying totem frog hangs above a window in the living room
 Agates and stones gathered from the pebbly beach

 The little touches were so charming
 And fresh roses from the deck greeted us when we arrived.

 So many little touches - lots of things from the beach in the window sills.  The entire front of the house is glass - looking out on the harbor and islands nearby.

 There were wonderful paintings hung throughout the cabin.

And shelves of interesting items added to the fun of the cabin.  It was the perfect spot to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.
 Thank You so much Jackie, for a wonderful stay in your charming cabin.