Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We have been amazed at the rocks here in Washington - all sizes, shapes and colors.  There are so many uses for the rocks
They can be pretty decorations on the deck - in a bowl of water
Or a hiding place for your ducklings on a lake
When a small pond is frozen over in the winter little boys can toss rocks on the ice to see how many it will hold

You can make things with rocks - monuments, historical markers, fence posts, or a pretty garden
Rocks are good for retaining walls by parks - with pretty plants growing in among the rocks
Or they can be a table and benches for a picnic overlooking Chuckanut Bay
A pile of rocks in a pond is always an opportunity for a good photograph
And they make a barrier for the ocean - holding back the waves
Rock walls - big and small
Old and new
The are good for Racoons, River Otters, Meadowlarks, Herons, Robins and Bald Eagles to perch on
Or just pretty to look at on the beach.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ahhh Lilacs

From a past year - anticipating the lilacs that will bloom this year

There is nothing in the spring like lilacs -  blooming - all over town - and the scent is heavenly.
There are so many colors of lilacs - and all are sweet smelling
Sparkling White
Softest, palest lavender - almost with a blue tint
Mounds of pale lilac
Just opening

In full bloom - medium lilac

Can yo have a medium two?  Between medium and dark.  There are so many colors   
Almost every yard has at least one bush - maybe two or three

And dark - next to a Pink Dogwood
The darkest of purples

My friend's lilac - sweet scented and bi-colored
A bouquet of bi-colored lilacs

Monday, April 14, 2014

Planting Pansies

I couldn't wait for the warmer weather - I had to have some pansies.  All  the stores have them out front, grocery stores, hardware stores, home improvement stores, garden centers, farm stands - I just had to have pansies.

So many to pick from

Some of every color and size
A railing planter with purple pansies

A tall planter with different shades of yellow pansies

One left - only one pink one - guess I'll have to go back and get two more to fill up this planter
And some Sweet Peas - I'll repot those later when they are a bit bigger.  Some are bush Sweet Peas and some are the lower growing mounding type.  My deck will smell so good this summer.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flowering Tree?

In the spring I'm always on the look-out for flowering trees.  Spotting this one on a farm I just had to get a picture of it - wait - what is that?

Not flowers - many kinds of lichen
Branches are almost completely covered in lichen
I'd like to go back later in the spring and see if there are any flowers or leaves at all on this tree.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Trip to the Tulip Fields

The  tulip  fields in  Skagit (sounds like gadget) Valley are just beginning to bloom.  We made a trip down recently to see what was blooming - found a few, but they will be better in two or three weeks.  The tulip festival, which lasts all month, started that day, but it was cloudy and drizzly so the traffic was unusually light - plus most people are probably waiting for sunnier weather - hope they get some.  The tulips in yards and near buildings were blooming better than the fields.
But first some daffodils.  The farmers rotate the fields that grow tulips and daffodils each year - we'd never seen this one before.  They use every bit of land and here they have planted all around some evergreens in the field.
Rows and rows - acres and acres - of daffodils. The scent on a warm day is fantastic.
Fields beyond the fields - more daffodils.

The tulip fields were just beginning to bloom - but the bulbs planted in the yards are in full bloom.  It is much warmer in the yards than in the fields.
Pink tulips are my favorite!

Rows of barely blooming tulips with a daffodil field in the background

Just beginning to open

Red tulips are my favorite - ok - so I said pink ones were - but who can resist a red tulip?

This yard is beautiful every spring
The  gardens are circled with fishing net floats and small logs
White daffodils and two orange tulips
Sunshine!  I am sure that yellow tulips are my favorite!
And to top it off - a beautiful lavender azalea.