Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, July 21, 2014

Green Green, It's Green They Say

Washington's nickname is The Evergreen State -  nicknamed by C.T. Conover, pioneer Seattle realtor and historian, for its abundant evergreen forests. The nickname was adopted by the Legislature in February, 1893.  

Modern residents also refer to "evergreen" as relating to the abundance of green, everywhere, not just the  evergreen forests.  Quilters in Washington sometimes think of green as a neutral color, since we are surrounded by green.  Today lets look at trees.
 Hillsides covered in  trees

 At center right you can see the top of a car - this is the view as we drive along I-5 - trees everywhere 

More hillsides along the hiway 
Trees as far as the eye can see  

A car with three canoes on top - this site is almost as frequent as the trees 
Heading into the rest stop - you have to just believe that it is there - amongst all the trees
 Two curves and there are the cars at the rest stop 
 Trees in and around the rest stop - there are also picnic tables among the trees
 Pull in for a peaceful, green rest  
Not far past the Rest Stop is a truck weigh station - can you see the sign and the lights directing the trucks all nestled up in the trees?
The light post showing an on-ramp on the freeway - almost hidden by trees 
Another road below us - cutting through the trees 

Speed limit signs (lower almost-center) are often hidden by trees. 
Watch for the exit signs - the trees surround it 
At the top of the exit - more trees
Heading down the hill into Skagit Valley - trees and trees - and a sign telling us of good places to eat 
Along with the trees there are lots of boulders and rock hillsides along the freeway.  In the springtime water cascades down the rocks 
A view of distant hills - taken from the moving car 
Rounding a curve - more trees 
 And down the hillside into Skagit Valley - which is a very flat agricultural area - surrounded in the far distance by mountains

 Trees covering a small hill on a farm (on the way to visit Julee)
Trees at the beach - a picnic canopy on the small strip of grass between the beach and the woods. 
Wild roses, blackberries and trees in Birch Bay State Park
A sunny afternoon among the trees - see the bike rider far ahead? 
Mountains with trees and trees on a point in a lake
  A country road - fields surrounded by trees 
A hiking trail through the trees in Bellingham
 And back home,we are surrounded by trees
 Across from our yard (that is a vintage cultivator in the front yard - Ben likes to push it around on the lawn)
 The trees protect us from the wind - it is very calm on our deck (you can see the edge of the ramp and deck on the left.  Our green deck umbrellas blend in with the trees.

This is just a tiny sampling of trees and green in the NW corner of Washington - I hope you found it relaxing, just as we do, surrounded by trees.  The Eastern part of our state is far different - from famous fruit orchards to thousands of acres of wheat farms.

Is there something spectacular about your state that you enjoy?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Rainy Day in the Garden

We've been having unusually warm weather for over a week - and today it cooled down and the rain came back.  Almost like a monsoon for a little while - but then it cleared off and we had some sunshine.  My flowers on the deck got a good soaking and they looked so pretty in their lovely "rain coats".
Foxglove leaves - these will bloom next summer. You can see our house reflected in the big drops on the left and the right. 
Honeysuckle leaves 
White Petunia 
Sweet Pea
Bleeding heart leaf - the plant is getting big - and no blossoms yet 
Larkspur greenery 
Larkspur flowers 
Tiny Forget-Me-Nots just coming up 
Close up of Geranium 
Another Geranium 

Tomato leaves 
A refreshing summer rain and now it smells so good!!

What is your favorite scent of the summer?