Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday's Critters

The Red Tail Hawks are returning from their summer habitat.  Some are here year round, but there are many more in the fall and winter.
 Atop a power pole

 And just down the road - another on a power pole - holding one foot up
 This big black horse was enjoying a good roll-around in the grass
 And came up very dusty!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Willy Nilly Five On Friday

A local apple farm has expanded and moved out to the hiway and we thought we'd stop in and buy some apples.
 It has really expanded - not only are there apples - there are apple products, jams, bakery items, a bistro for lunch, distillery, wine shop and gift shop.
 1. The entrance was decorated with all the autumn wonders that they grow, besides the apples  You could buy most anything except the wagon
 A large pumpkin growing out front
 Garden carts and boxes of pumpkins

 And just inside the door a nice seat made from iron tractor wheels - you won't get stuck in the mud with these.
 2.  Outside are giant rocking animals - the little girls were having so such fun riding on them.

 3. And inside - the gift shop - spread out over a gigantic store - with something for everyone - popcorn to journals - impulse buying was in full swing here (but not me, I couldn't find one thing I had to have - well except a raspberry scone, but I ate that up before I remembered to take a picture)

 Seasonal and clever items
 Chicks made out of eggs - which came first?
 Bird houses and decorations made from dried gourds
 All these happy Jack-o-Lanterns are also made from dried gourds
 4. There was a section of locally made items
 And fudge of all different flavors
 5.There were photos in the entryway, but the big glass doors reflected on them - this is the farm in 1950
 By 1970 they had a farm stand in the barn and a new house
 2002 shows the apple orchards and an addition to the house
 Oh - there were a few boxes of apples from the orchards - I was disappointed in the amount of apples - in the old location their main emphasis was on apples and they had many more varities.  We bought some Macintosh Apples for a pie

 They even have an ice cream stand
 And more and more gifts

 And clever seasonal items

It was fun - but very crowded and noisy.  We paid for our apples and scones and headed out to continue our ride. Their bakery is impressive.  We were not there at lunch time, so we didn't eat at the bistro - maybe another time.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wasn't That Fun?

One day we were passing our favorite second hand store and noticed something in the grass by the parking lot.  I just had to get photos of it.
 A truck loaded with all manner of interesting things - spray painted interesting colors
 The shop buys up estate sales, antique stores going out of business and even some yard sales - and sells at very reasonable prices.  I've bought several vintage quilts there - for 15. 00 to 20. 00
 I think someone loves to spray paint - looks like a lot of entertainment

 And doesn't everyone need a neon green manual typewriter  This is the kind of typewriter I learned to type on in High School.  These were definitely not portable.
 It had been raining and if you look closely you can see some rain dripping off the chair.
 Purple picnic basket and green Grandfather's Clock

Now wasn't that fun?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Scavenger Hunt

September Scavenger Hunt - what fun we'll have


Crab Pots - the sides are woven together to keep the crabs in


Seagulls feeding


Abigail's hair is very curly

Adventures in mail - riding the airmail plane
Adventuring in the San Juan Islands off NW Washington on the ferry


Line of mailboxes in Birch Bay

Heron - mesmerized by the little fishes in the surf

A triangle of corn


It was a long day waiting for the full moon to rise

12.Whatever You Want
September Scavenger Hunt