Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A 53 Year Trip Down Memory Lane

I was 17, working in a drug store the summer before my senior year in high school.  He was 19 and had come to Alaska with his buddy, to work in the newly opened pulp mill to earn money for his sophomore year in college.

It was love at first sight - for both of us.  And now, 54 years later, we are celebrating our life together - our 53rd anniversary.  We have had adventures, learned a lot from each other, moved back and forth across the country, watched our wonderful kids grow up, gone on vacations, celebrated events, welcomed 3 great in-laws into our family and been blessed with three grandsons.  It has been the easiest thing we've ever done - these 53 years of marriage.

 We've lived in several states, in many houses.  I have pictures of most of them.

There's a bit of gypsy in us and we've loved all the houses we've lived in - but we love our current (and last) home the very best. 

We even have a house cookie jar.
We've enjoyed every stage of our kids growing up 
With birthday parties and grandkids along the way
We've moved in, and moved out
And been sung funny songs to by our friends who laughed during their performance for us at our going-away dinner - and cried when we moved on.
We've celebrated holidays and events
Cheered at graduations - and cried a little too.
 Halloween was a fun time for pumpkins and funny costumes

 Our 25th anniversary - celebrated with family and friends
With matching sweatshirts to wear on the train trip back to Wisconsin (the trip was a gift from our kids - the sweatshirts were a surprise from Don)
We've gone on vacations - near and far - with family, friends and the occasional bear
These two pictures were taken the same day - one on vacation in the mountains, where there was still snow - and the other back at home in the desert - where there were roses blooming
We've danced in the rain
Celebrated Halloween as only our youngest daughter can!

Welcomed in the new year with fun and silliness.

Visited the old jail in Yuma, Arizona 
Baked a few pies (oops)
And enjoyed ourselves royally!
Don and our grandson Jahn-Zyel - in a 5K Run/Walk - one year to the day after Don's open heart surgery to repair the mitral valve.

It's been a grand trip - with more adventures and celebrations to come.

53 years and counting!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Barns in the Fields

In summer the fields on the farms are bursting with crops
 Hay in the front - potatoes in the background
 Potatoes in the foreground - and a tractor plowing up old strawberry fields
 Clover - and then more corn in the background
 And hay in front of blooming potato fields.  This area grows tons of potatoes - the most delicious potatoes we've ever eaten
 When the potato fields are in blossom it is an amazing sight.  The purple blossoms mean red potatoes - white blossoms are white potatoes.

 They grow tall and lush, making mounds of potatoes below ground


This has been a summer of birds.  We've never seen Pelicans here before (doesn't mean they haven't been here - we just haven't seen them).  So off we went to March Point (near Anacortes) and got some photos - though the Pelicans were far far out in the bay on a tiny island.  It was a thrill anyway.

 They are out on that island - this is without any zoom - so you get an idea of how far out they were.
 This was a close as I could get them - they seem to have some seagull friends visiting

 And some Caspian Terns too

One day we were sitting on our deck in Bellingham and we saw some large birds flying over towards Lake Whatcom.  I rushed indoors to get my camera and this was all I captured of the flock of about 30.  I never thought to turn on the video - that would have been more fun - but at least I got these as they whirled around in a mass, all the time moving towards the lake.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday's Treasures

Before Summer is completely gone I wanted to show the china cabinet with the summer dishes, before it gets converted to Autumn and harvest

 The chicken dishes are like the ones Don bought for me when we were first marred - 53 years ago.  They are from Sears and over the years all the pieces got broken - and recently we've been recollecting them.  The egg cups (on the right) can be turned over and used for juice cups.
 Sunflowers are perfect for summer
 You've seen the big sunflower serving set before - the pieces are all separate, for easy storage and are great for serving taco toppings, dips or condiments.  Would be nice for ice cream sundae toppings too - or banana splits.  
 Suns, and sunflower soup bowls and a sunflower two tiered server.
 Sections of the china cabinet look like mosaics.