Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trees in Bloom

There is nothing so pretty as Washington State in the spring and summer (or autumn and winter).  In spring and early summer the trees bloom - and they are everywhere.  We live at the top of a very high hill and on the way down into town we have a huge panoramic view of the city - and most of it is trees with a few housetops showing amongst the trees.
 The Horse Chestnut Trees are in full bloom - some white and some newer varieties, like this hot pink one.

 On Chestnut Street, downtown, you will find both the white and the pink Chestnut trees lining the street for blocks.  Be careful in the autumn, while walking under the trees you might get conked on the head as the chestnuts fall with a mighty thud.
 The Hawthorn trees are everywhere and the scent is fabulous.  Bees love them - and in the autumn, birds will feast.

 And if you should be lucky enough to come across a Jacaranda tree, you will feel like you are visiting the fairies that surely live in these lovely trees.  

 They bloom in glorious, long trumpet flowers before the leaves come out.  We came across this one in the woods, not near any houses and were not sure how it got there.  Perhaps a house used to be there, perhaps a bird planted it.  There is a massive one down by the Bellingham Ferry Terminal building, but over the years it has suffered wind damage and much of it has had to be pruned away to be safe - but the flowers are still fabulous.

 Double Flowering Peach trees line many streets and driveways in our town.  There is pink "snow" for weeks.

Dogwood trees bloom in yards, along neighborhood streets and in the woods in early spring. 

 Bayview Cemetery is awash in Dogwood blossoms .
 And the pink Dogwood shines even on cloudy days.

 Golden Chain trees are among the first to bloom each year - their scent is as pretty as their flowers.  Someday I shall have one.

 There is a small walnut orchard on the way to Mt. Baker that blooms gloriously each year. 

What kind of blossoming trees grow in your area?  I'd love to see photos of them.

Barns and Apple Trees

When I first saw this barn I thought it had one side that was brick - but it is just the way the paint has worn off in the weather. 

 A round barn - I'd never seen one near here before - this one has a tractor peeking out the front - perhaps it is used for storing farm equipment.
 These barns are all just south of the town of Ferndale, WA - on a road with sweet homes and pretty old barns - no farming going on here - just  barns to enjoy.
 And ancient apple trees in bloom
 The little blue sign on the front of the lower building is a baby chick - it seems to be advertising a certain breed of chicken.
Another long, low chicken shed, near a well kept garden - I want to go back in the summer and see what is growing there. 
 Patch patch patch!
 Another apple tree - another shed.
 A magnificent tree by a fabulous old barn
 Fields of dandelions in front of a barn with a new shingle roof.
And an original little farm house - leaning over and ready for a collapse.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Green, Green, It's Green They Say - -

Spring time is green time in Washington - everything bursts forth in the most beautiful shades of green.
 The raspberry fields are ready for this year's crop - and we are ready too - not long until they are ripe.
 The workers bend the vines over and secure them to wires running  between the posts.  The bending makes the plant sprout more side branches and grow more raspberries.  The same works with roses too, if you want a really lush rose bush.
Green covers everything as we meander down country roads.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Washington Park

A while back we took a drive out to Washington Park in Anacortes, WA.  The park is along the bluffs overlooking the San Juan Islands - with pull outs and parking spaces, walking trails, picnic areas and lots of great views.

 A good day for sailing

 Or taking the Washington State Ferry to or from the islands

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mosaic Monday - Hydrangeas

It is the beginning of hydrangea season in NW Washington State.  They grow well - and big - here and many homes and gardens feature wonderful displays.
 There are several varieties - this is the Angel Wing Hydrangea - a gift from our daughter's family.  Do you see the "wings" on the outer edge of the bloom?  I love the light and medium colors of the flowers.  They start out green and slowly turn to this lovely pink

 These cone-shaped hydrangeas are gaining popularity - and I can see why-  the huge blossoms are spectacular.
And the Lace Cap Hydrangea - with a halo of larger outer flowers.

 Big displays in yards - notice the hedges of Hydrangeas in the background also.
 I love their big moppy heads

 A delicate blue Angel Wing


 Lace Cap in blue

 Lovely purple
 This was the first cone shaped one I ever saw - it was in the garden of a new friend in Bow, Washington.

 Different colors on the same bush

 Parks and public spaces often plant hydrangeas