Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Apple Blossoms

Apple blossom time
A bright blue sky and apple blossoms - heaven! 
 Some of the apple trees are not trimmed
 And some are trimmed - making picking much easier
 They remind me of ballet dancers.

Famous for apples - Washington has many treasured varieties of apples.         

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Brunch

We usually have brunch on Easter - instead of a big dinner.  Our grandson Ben was my co-host.  He and I planned the menu weeks ahead of time.
 The table is set for the buffet brunch. The tulips were a birthday gift from my housekeeper and her sweet family.
 Daffodil bouquet is from Don.
 I made this plastic canvas Bunny House several years ago - it is always Ben's choice for the centerpiece. The bunny has a basket and some tiny plastic canvas eggs.
 Bunny bowls, cabbage bowls and Bunny House
The tulips are double - and look almost like peonies.

 Gingham napkins with polka dot flower pot napkin rings that I painted.  I do love polka dots.

 Shiny vintage silver serving spoons

 And of course some spring colored candies

 More gingham napkins with flower basket napkin rings.
 Yellow flatware in a daisy pail.

 A new lemon pitcher - a gift from Don
 And food - the menu was waffles, fruit compote (blackberry and strawberry compotes) (and freshly whipped, whipped cream), deviled eggs (I colored the whites after splitting them for the deviled eggs - just food coloring in a cup of warm water)
 Also sausages, bacon, cheesy potatoes with hollendaise  sauce, croissants
 A French toast blueberry, cream cheese casserole and an egg, sausage and cheese casserole and fresh pineapple.  We ate like kings - and queens.

 Egg shaped salt and pepper - vintage Avon
 Let's eat!

 And for dessert - cupcakes that Ben and I baked and decorated the day before

The brunch was followed by an easter egg hunt - the boys decided that they would hide the eggs and the adults would hunt them.  They found some great hiding places and we had a lot of laughs over things that the dads - and grampy - put in their baskets that weren't easter eggs - like a gnome that was swinging in a tree, and several small egg shaped stones.  It was a wonderful day - with sunshine in the afternoon and lots of chairs on the deck for enjoying the good company.


Let's visit some white barns - come along
 Reflected in a puddle in the field

Did they make this barn into a house - or did they make a house that looks like a barn? 
 The white tin roof blends into the white clouds in the sky
 Mostly white - and very sturdy

 The line of pink blooming trees leads up to the barnyard
 Once white - but fading away

And a very pretty white fence.