Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekly Top Shot - Rexville Grocery

Today we went for a ride - the weather was fabulous - 72 and sunny and breezy - another bonus day of summer for us in the Pacific Northwest.  We were getting hungry and in the area we were driving through there are few places to eat - we've been past this place before - it looks like an old gas station with a grocery store attached.  Well, it is a gas station - and the pumps say "Real Gas" on them.  You can pull under the little canopy and fill your car, then step up one BIG step into the store/restaurant. 

It is so much more than I had figured it would be - oh my.  A cute dining room with bentwood chairs at little round tables, a patio for outdoor dining, a deli and store with all sorts of fabulous things to buy - cookies, brownies, books by local authors, drinks - there was no end to the wonders filling the fairly small space in the store.

We wanted sandwiches for a picnic on this fine day - so we browsed their fabulous menu and each picked half a sandwich - made with the local BreadFarm's great bread.  They packaged up our sandwiches, and a dill pickle for each of us - it smelled so good.  On the way out I took a picture of this sunflower - a perfect autumn photo.

See the bee on the left side of the center of the sunflower?

And a picture of their sign on the side of the building - it describes the place perfectly.

There is so much more going on there than just a deli/cafe/store - and you can read all about it HERE  

There are books for sale, games to play; chess, cribbage, etc. while waiting for your meal, or just for relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.  It is like the old general store of long ago, a community center.  We've driven past dozens of times, I wonder now why we didn't stop in sooner.  And besides all that - the back wall is decorated with dozens of hand held egg beaters - delightful.

They have cider tasting coming up, a Farmer's Market until November and other events, or you can even rent the store for a private party.  This looks like it will be one of new favorite places to go.


Sandie said...

Oh My JoAnn. I loved reading about this treasure of a place and wish it was near me. It would make a perfect Artist Date.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

You always find the best places, JoAnn! I hope you do more posts on this great place in the future! I love finding special places like this. xo

Rowan said...

This sounds a really good place - I take it you'll be going back:) Lovely sunflower photo too.t

J said...

I'm so glad places like this still exist. Our kids only know the drive-up window at Starbucks!
Your sunflower is lovely - didn't notice the bee until you mentioned it! My grandkids and I have talking about camouflage in the woods behind our house. A majestic owl we saw yesterday was nearly impossible to spot once he landed in a tree!

Debra She Who Seeks said...