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Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Few Things

After being away from my blog for over a week and a big adventure to the ER with a very mean, and large kidney stone - I'm back again.  I had time to ponder a few things recently.

I've enjoyed the blog parties and memes and all the fun, but I'm feeling pressure, probably mostly from myself, to conform my posts to the blog parties, make another blog post, get in on the parties - whoa - slow down there Nellie.  I think for now I will post what I see when I'm out and about, and give myself a break from what has come to feel  like competition.  It is great for some people - it isn't great for me right now.  I will, however, keep visiting and commenting on all the wonderful blog parties and memes - I  love to see what everyone is up to.

Friday I had a nice, easy, slower day (just got back from the hospital late Thursday night).  I slept in, had a lovely breakfast by myself and did a few rounds on the crocheted tablecloth I'm working on for our round table.  I read a little, had some cinnamon tea and picked out a few ideas for handmade christmas gifts - and no, I'm not going to share those ideas, because "somebodies" read my blog and I want these to be a surprise.  It was a lovely day, and in the afternoon I baked a little apple pie - the pie pan is about 7" - just the right size.   Don grilled dinner and then we had pie later with  a dollop of good vanilla ice cream, and a cup of tea.

The weekend before this all happened we had some great fun shopping at thrift stores and one giant yard sale.  It is run by people who do something with dogs, but I wasn't able to find out what they do with the dogs, but it seems they are very helpful people.  They certainly have great contributors to their yard sale - and they price things to sell.  We thought we were getting there just about closing time, but we went anyway - people were coming and going so we went in.  It was 4:55.  I heard another customer ask one of the workers what time they closed - and she laughingly said - "4 o'clock".  The ladies were all so pleasant and never complained that they were staying for over an hour after closing time.

 I loaded my shopping cart (now that's a good idea, a shopping cart at an indoor yard sale) and after making two trips through all the rooms, I was ready for check out.  Four big boxes - and the average price of an item was 35 cents - whoopeee I love good yard sales.

More lovelies from the indoor yard sale.  The  background is a spring tablecloth (2.00) and the napkins and napkin rings were 25 cents each.  I love the belt with buckle napkin rings - perfect for a summer barbecue.

There was a set of Corelle Pansy dishes - do I want those?

16 dinner plates and 12 sandwich plates - do I want those - they are so pretty, perfect for springtime.

And a platter - YES, I do want those - all those pieces for $10.00 total - load those into that cart, move over other dishes, here come the pansies.  I have green edged Corelle cereal bowls, like the platter edge, that will go with this set, so I have enough for big family gatherings in the spring.  Aren't they the prettiest things?  

I've been looking for an empty silverware chest for some time - and not found one.  I emailed a craigslist ad a couple weeks ago and never heard back. I left my cell phone number, hoping she would call, and after two weeks figured it was a lost cause.  Just as we were leaving the big yard sale, she called. 

We were half way between our house and her house - how lucky can we be - and so we drove up to her house - the chest is marvelous.  Two  drawers and the lift up lid - in perfect condition and all she was asking was 15.00 - which I gladly paid.

Bottom Drawer

My silver serving pieces have been overflowing the part of the drawer they've been sharing with the other flatware - so this is the perfect solution.

Top Drawer

Top lift-up lid - oh my there is still space in each area - 
 I might even have to buy a few more serving pieces, just to fill the chest up.

Then Saturday we stopped at Value Village and Goodwill - I had something in mind, but can't remember now what it was - so we strolled through all the lovely things in both stores

and came out with some very nice dishes - of course dishes - you didn't think I could pass up dishes did you?  I knew you didn't.

Blue checked dishes - be still my heart - they were so lovely - I found 4 plates - 8 flat soup bowls and 3 cups and saucers.  They are not old, but they are lovely.  I've looked them up on ebay and they come in lavender checks and green checks - oh my - the temptation.  So far I've managed to resist.

  It was a good weekend, and good memories to keep in my mind while the mean old kidney stone was messing up my week.  All is fine now - It is all over and I can get back to doing things I like, like blogging - this has been fun.  Thanks for stopping by.  And thanks to those who emailed and wondered where I had been.  I really appreciate each of you who visit my blog.


Granny Sue said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick, Jo Ann--and so thrilled at your good finds! I have had little opportunity to go out scouting this month, and I'm feeling withdrawal pangs. Love the silverware chest, and the pansy dishes! But the pie--now that photo made my mouth water.

greenthumb said...

I do hope your on the mend now, love the look f your apple pie, bet it tasted great. You found some lovely things.

Julie Fukuda said...

Those pansy dishes are just beautiful. I don't need dishes but those would be hard to pass up!
I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. To celebrate with a pie ... how great is that.

joanne said...

I have heard that kidney stones are the worst! Glad you are over with that and recovering well. You certainly hit some great finds in your thrifty weekend shopping!. I love dishes too, we are starting to get shoved out of the house with all the dishes. What do you do with them all? Have a good week and stay well...

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Sorry you had to have the kidney stone. I hear they are really painful. You did find a lot of neat stuff at the yard sale and thrift stores. What a great find the silverware box was!
I think if you are feeling stressed with blogging and joining the blog parties it would be good just to blog about what you see while you are out and about. Nancy at created for a journey here has a great post about that today.
Have a great week.

joy said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly, but pleased you are now on the mend. Isn't it silly how much pressure we put on ourselves to do so much, I've taken a step back these last few weeks, and just blogged and photographed when the mood seems right. Just off now to visit Nancy. Have a great week,
Joy x x x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad to hear that your horrible stone has been removed Joann. Sit on the settee and crochet and take it easy for a while - nothing wrong with that = and if you don't feel like blogging then don't do it. Blogging has to be a pleasure.
I do wish we had yard sales here - they always look so interesting and I really love some of the things you bought.

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh I laughed through most of this post (not your Kidney stone part) cuz you remind me of my friend Judy back home, keeping up to her at yard sales was hard, she'd lug a few of us around to haul her treasures home much like you have here, I learned a sense of appreciation for Yard sales from her. I like the idea of making a small apple pie!

Peggy said...

Sorry to hear about the kidney stone, but glad it's been resolved for you! Wonderful buys, makes me want to get out to garage sales and then I think, where would I put more stuff?!? I've been doing a lot of 'blog-soul' searching lately too, there just seems to be so much out there to join and I have to wonder why I blog - came to the conclusion I want it as much for a journal for myself as anything else. Anybody else reading/commenting is just a bonus, takes a lot of pressure off when I see it that way. Take care, friend!

Wildflowerhouse said...

So sorry about the kidney stone. That must have hurt. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU DID GREAT ON ALL YOUR FINDS!!! I have been busy painting as I have to have 4-5 painting for a gallery showing by the 13th of Nov. So have been slow in posting .

Lorrie said...

Yikes! I've heard kidney stones are excruciating. So glad you are feeling better. Blogging should never be an obligation. It's something just for you to control. So if stepping back is what you need now, that's the way to go. I'll always know when a post pops up in the reader.

Sandie said...

My friend had a kidney stone and she said it was worse than having a baby! Poor you - I do hope you are feeling so much better now.
I know what you mean about blogging - feeling you should take part in this and that. And often it we want to but I really think it is important to not feel pressurised but to enjoy what we do. So it's good you are stepping back JoAnn and doing what is right for you.
I am amazed at how much you have bought in the yard sales. Goodness!! I love china too, and have a real weakness for a bargain. Glad I wasn't with you because I already have trouble fitting everything into my cupboards!
Good to have you back blogging and remember to go at your own pace :)

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I for one did not email thinking that you were probably on some sort of vacation! Wish that had been the case!!!! Glad it is over...I have heard that those are incredibly painful :(

The Quintessential Magpie said...

So Ver sorry about the kidney stone. Mr. Magpie can sympathize with you on that.

Love your finds and am glad you had fun prior to the attack. Feel better soon, my friend. xo

My Little Home and Garden said...

I hope you're feeling well after the kidney stone episode. As for blogging, it makes sense to do (or not do) whatever makes you happy.

Jane and Chris said...

Just had to reply ref my post about Joe Featherstonhaugh..yes..we are distant relations! How fabulous is that?!!
Jane x

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi JoAnn. We all need some time to ourselves occasionally and I hope you have lots of good fun with yours, especially now that you are not hindered by the old kidney stone. I, thankfully, have never had one, but have been told they are no fun. Wow, what a haul you made. So many great things and all usuable too. I have been conflicted about the parties too. I don't seem to pick up any new followers and sometimes, being on the West Coast, there are so many joined up before I have time to get to the computer that I think I will cut down on them. I love blogging so don't plan to quit but if no certain day is planned I think it will be much less fuss..Don't be a stranger..Happy Tuesday..Judy

Carletta said...

So sorry to hear about the kidney stone and happy to know all is well now.
You certainly found some lovely things. I used to go to so many thrift stores and sales before we retired. I gave away so much when we purged to move across two states so I don't do it anymore. I know I'd see things I'd think I couldn't live without. :)
I have contemplated the last few weeks about not doing the memes as well. It's a hectic pace for sure. I have to give things a little more thought so I'm not quite ready. I thoroughly enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

My apologies if this ends up being a duplicate. My computer hiccuped! Well, okay. It was actually operator error - me!

Kidney stones are no picnic! Glad you are back home and on the road to recovery. May that be the last time you have to deal with one of those. Your shopping excursions turned up some very nice finds. Enjoy a piece of that apple pie for me - it looks scrumptious!

Thanks for stopping by my Drive-By Photos blog. Take care!


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi JoAnn - I am truly glad you are on the mend - kidney stones are sooooo painful and recovery just zaps the strength out of you! I love all your finds - so many darling treasures. I really love all the fruit and veggie dishes and the pansy plates - oh, I wouldn't pass those by either! Love your silver chest, too - what a great deal. I know how you feel about joining all the blog parties - they are so much fun, but I can never discipline myself enough to keep up with the schedules. Every once in a while I find my post coordinates, and I join in, otherwise I don't worry about it. Life is filled with too many deadlines and pressures as it is! Rest and recover my friend. Hugs xoxo Karen

Nancy Jo said...

Oh my goodness!!! Well first I was sorry to read that you had to go to the hospital and then happy that you are OK. Then also happy to see all the fun things you got at the yard sale. And that chest at the end is really nice. A very FUN yard sale for sure.
Nancy Jo

Rowan said...

Glad that your kidney stone is sorted now. Love those pansy plates - so pretty. We don't get yard sales in the UK but I''ve been to them in the US -bought a whole set of Hardy Boys books at one and shipped them back to the UK for my son's. That was 30 years ago - postage was cheaper then :)

Lili said...

Oh dear, you must have endured so much pain with your stone. So glad it's all over for you now. You must have had so much fun findings all your treasures. Who doesn't love a great day of thrifting!

Kay said...

So glad you're feeling better. I've heard the pain can really be excruciating.

I continue to be amazed at how well you do at sales! It's an inspiration! (I can't believe those pansy plates are Corelle! I've had a couple sets of Corelle & now just stick to plain white because they're so versatile. Those are just beautiful!)