Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, March 25, 2016


The rains came down - the sun peeked out - the flowers were so happy

Sweet scented carnations with droplets of water sparkle in the sun
 A flower pot full of all kinds of mosses and a teeny tiny mushroom - that is my pinky finger on the left for scale

 The violoa next to the teeny mushroom is just 1 inch across - so you can see how tiny that mushroom is - I think the fairies are out and about in this flower pot
 Waving and dancing in the wind - another tiny moss - just 3/4 inch tall
 I don't know the names of the mosses - I do need to get a book on mosses in the Pacific Northwest.
 Dancing dancing!  Does anyone know the names of the wonderful miniature mosses?  Margy????
 Saxafraga with rain drops in the bright sun

 Daffodils with raindrops

Our deck is alive with flowers, rain and sunshine - a perfect birthday gift for me this fine day.


eileeninmd said...

Hello, pretty blossoms and lovely images. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend.
Happy Easter to you and your family.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday girlfriend! I hope you have a weekend filled with yummy cake and ice cream as well as some pretty daffodils! Birthday hugs coming your way from Florida! Your buddy, Diane

Small City Scenes said...

I do like Saxifrage. So right and perky. Learning mosses names would be a good endeavor. Off to the library.

Small City Scenes said...

I googled "mosses in the PNW" and looked at images and you picture was there along with your name. Hey you are famous now

Marigene said...

Beautiful photos of flowers...yes, I think the faeries are out...that mushroom is so tiny, but perfectly shaped!
Happy Birthday, Jo Ann...
wishing you and yours a Happy Easter.

Kay said...

Washington certainly doesn't have a shortage of mushrooms and mosses: tiny, like these, and larger, too. I hope you find a name for your moss.

Kim said...

A little rain and some happy sunshine are what pretty blossoms like best, don't they. Your photos are stunning, JoAnn! I hope you are enjoying a lovely Easter with your family. Xx

Cath said...

JoAnne!! what an amazing collection of beautiful close ups and flowers....thank you so much for sharing at Fun Friday Favourites...I really enjoyed your post and now I can make note of another flower that I want to add to my garden......Saxafraga! new to me! I also loved your creative mosaic creations!

Julie Fukuda said...

With all the rain and buildings blocking what sun we do have, our mosses are multiplying like crazy. I also noticed some new varieties. When my #2 son was living at home. he used to bring moss samples back from places where he traveled and plant them in our shady garden. Around the stones was a patchwork of beautiful green textures. I think the next renters pulled it all out and put in gravel.

J said...

Wow! Your first picture! That pink almost knocked me off my chair! Beautiful!