Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tulip Fields

 We're back from two weeks in West Virginia - visiting our son, daughter-in-law and grandson Donnie.  What fun we had - the weather was wonderful - except for the one day when it snowed.  But otherwise it was delightful - much warmer than we are getting here in NW Washington - but the warmer weather is supposed to be here next week.

The plane rides were long - the layovers even longer - 7 hours layover in Seattle after flying just 30 minutes from Bellingham.  Two and a half hours in Charlotte, NC and finally West Virginia.  Coming home we had 26 minutes between flights in Charlotte and boarded our plane with  one minute to spare - nice flight to Seattle though, new,wider plane - bigger seats, but by the time we'd been flying for 6 hours everyone was ready to be done.  Rainy and cold in Seattle - home by 1 a.m. - and in bed by 2 a.m. - then awake on WV time at 7 a.m..  Lots of naps the first couple days - and we are almost back to normal - though I'm not sure what normal is sometimes.

Our first full day home we headed down to the tulip fields -  hoping to see the flowers before they were done blooming - and we weren't disappointed.
Oh - you wanted to see a picture of Donnie first?  I thought you would. Waiting for breakfast at Bob Evans in Ohio

He is a Handy Manny Cowboy Pirate - love the imagination.

And now on to the tulip fields
Yellow and Pink Tulips - with a strip of land that is someone's back yard (complete with young apple tree) in between the fields 
The yellow tulips were visible from a very long distance - they almost glowed 

One of my favorites 

The fields go on for miles and miles - with signs directing you down certain roads - the signs say "Tulip Route" 

So many red tulips 

The fields are not planted to tulips every year - this is a field that has grass growing in it - but a few bulbs escaped from last year and are dotting the field 
It was a very windy day - these yellow tulips with a hint of pink were dancing in the wind 
We'd never seen so many purple tulips before
Coloring easter eggs - waiting to get started 

The yards in Skagit Valley are filled with tulips 
Yellow tulips everywhere! 
When the tulips reach full bloom the flowers are then cut off so the bulbs can grow to the proper size for sale. 
This is the first year we've seen the space between the rows filled with the flower heads 

Another beautiful yard 
It had been raining earlier in the day and the droplets were still on these pink tulips 
Taking a ride in his red car 
Have you seen any spectacular flowers lately?  We are so fortunate to live in this area of great beauty.


eileeninmd said...

Donnie is adorable, you have a cute grandson. I do not mind flying but the layovers are a pain.. I love the beautiful tulips and all the gorgeous colors. Amazing sight and photos to see the fields of tulips. Wonderful post, have a happy Sunday!

Pondside said...

Every year I tell myself I'll make it down to see the tulips, and here I am again, missing the show! Next year..............!
What a sweet little fellow. It must have been hard to leave him.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Aren't those tulips gorgeous! And Donnie's such a cutie too.

J said...

Donnie just melts my heart! He is so cute! I'm glad you had a chance for such a long visit.
The tulip photos are amazing! Can't wait until ours start to pop up, but then I wonder if the harsh winter has damaged them?

pwetypweas said...

Love ALL the photos - but the ones of Donnie have a special place in my heart! So glad you were able to see the tulips in full bloom!

Kay said...

Donnie has grown! He's still cute as a button!
It looks like we're going to miss the tulips this year. It's so nice to see your shots. The Skagit Valley is such a glorious place this time of year!

Mary said...

Beautiful……………..the tulips!!! Handsome and sweet………..that little Donnie!!!

Glad you had a great visit - getting home to the fields of colorful tulips was so special.

Mary x

Julie Fukuda said...

It's hard to imagine so many tulips in any one place. As for family time ... fun fun fun and grand kids are just the greatest!

greenthumb said...

I bet you had a lovely time with your family, I never have seen so many tulips well maybe in Holland.

The Weaver of Grass said...

How wonderful to have one''s back yard slotted in between two glorious fields of tulips!
Seeing grandchildren too - what more could you wish for.

Peggy said...

Isn't Donnie just a darling! You must have had so much fun! Gorgeous tulips, too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I'm happy to have found your site via Mosaic Mondays. Nice post!

Candy S said...

Donnie is the cutest and sweetest little boy ever. Wonderful pictures of your Easter visit to WV. I love the tulip fields. The yellow tulips are my favorite. It is a shame that the red tulips were dead headed and just cast into the fields. I would have loved to had them filling vases all through my house.