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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekly Thrift - Milk Glass

Wherever I go I am on the lookout for Milk Glass - not sure why I keep looking, seems I might almost have one of just about everything ever made - and I've gotten all of it from thrift stores or yard sales - and lots for gifts.

Tiny little pitcher.  .  .

All sorts of lovely little boxes and vases and dishes.  .  .

 A special gift from Don one birthday.  .  .

Ruffles.  .  . 

 Ruffles.  .  . I picked this one up in West Virginia - if it wasn't for having to pay more for luggage I would have really loaded up on Milk Glass while in West Virginia - the prices were often one fifth of what we'd pay on the West Coast.

Pink Willow is another of my favorites - though I have very little of it right now - I'm still looking.  .  .

The designs delight me.  .  .

A gift for my birthday one year, this one has a lovely clear edge on the ruffle.  .  .

A charming square vanity box.  .  .  I love them all

The milk glass gets moved about - sometimes it is on the sideboard - in most of the photos above - and sometimes in the china cabinet.  I got this china cabinet from a friend - though it was not in this condition when I got it.

It looked like this.  My friend was renting out her aunt's house and I asked if I could buy the cabinet, but she said she would leave it for the renters.  Then the renters put wet laundry to dry on the floor intake grate to the furnace and burned the house down - THEN my friend gave me the cabinet.  I loved it so much, and her aunt too, that I was willing to sand and scrape and clean and replace glass and sand and paint - until it was pretty and white.

I like the way it sets off the Milk Glass.  .  .

Sometimes there is a spring bouquet sharing the space.  .  .

Stack and stacks and stacks of Milk Glass.

Do you have a collecting obsession too?

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JoKnows said...

I love to collect milk glass too, even though I certainly don't need more. Great job on the cabinet! :)

ThrifterSisters said...

What a beautiful collection! I find milk glass quite often but am not entirely sure of how to know if it is old or reproduced. Awesome job on the cabinet too!

Have a great week,


Allison said...

ive only just started my milk glass this post blows my mind a little all so did a fab job on the cabinet! x

Gina said...

Another Milk Glass fan here! I love your collection. I just thrifted a second egg shaped container like the one on the lower level of your cabinet this week. And, speaking of the cabinet: Amazing save!

Anonymous said...

What a nice collection of milk glass, and I absolutely love the china cabinet. I'm glad you were able to finally obtain it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and responding to my e-mail. :-)


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

I love your collection of milk glass, JoAnn! And the cabinet is just lovely. You did an amazing job of rescuing it. I have a few pieces of milk glass, one is just like one of yours. I inherited one dear piece from my Mother that my Father gave her on her 20th anniversary - a colonial 'wedding box'. I just love it. Your milk glass looks beautiful with the Pink Willow. xx

Lili said...

My mind is still focused on your china cabinet. Oh my goodness what a transformation!