Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Last week I joined Wednesday Hodge Podge - and there were questions to answer - but this week I am striking out on my own - no questions - but a hodge podge of photos that I particularly like.

This is a very slow time in my life and so I have spent a lot of time looking at and editing and sorting my photos - so here are some  - in no particular order and for no particular reason, other than that I love them.  If you have seen some before - please excuse me -  I have an excuse - or I will make one up soon.  Enjoy

The bridge going into Lynden over the Nooksack River on a foggy day .  .  .

Here we come .  .  .

And we're out .  .  .

Ben working on an art project at his school Open House .  .  .

The only picture I ever got of a cardinal - taken on a fence near the house where Don lived as a little boy, on a mill pond, in Wisconsin.

A cemetery because I like them so much.  .  .

Some nice peope painting faces and making balloon animals in Blaine, WA, just outside the ice cream shop.  We didn't get our faces painted - but we did get some ice cream.

A flicker in our yard.  .  .

Grampy reading to Donnie.  .  .

A heron because you knew there would be one in here .  .  .

Three boys wearing the Candy  Corn hats  I crocheted for them.  .  .

Three horses.  .  .

A bicycle on a house - wonder if that is to keep the kids from riding the bike?  Wouldn't a chain and lock have worked better?

Cheese spreaders - and I thought I didn't have enough of them - until I got them all out.  

A baseball cheese spreader for Don

Lots of bright colored taxis in Seattle.  .  .

Jahn's School photo.  .  .

And Mt. Baker, because no post is complete without a picture of Mt. Baker

Donnie eating an apple.  .  .

Oh the stories this house could tell.  .  .

Ben's School Photo.  .  .

You knew there would be another heron.  .  . 

The moon from our deck.  .  .

Ok - Mt. Baker again because she is such a beauty.  .  .

My pretty hand painted dessert plates.  .  .

Ben waiting for the ball - the big blue ball.  .  .

Barns and flowers .  .  . 

Is this driftwood a reindeer - or someone doing tai chi?

Wooden otter?

Jahn and Ben playing yard ball.  .  .

Pedal yourself to a nicely mowed lawn.  .  .

Donnie's pre-school photo.  .  . 

Ok - I think I'm done!


A Garden of Threads said...

Wow, that is an awesome collection of photos. I love the bridge ones.

Lili said...

Those were so much fun to see. That one of the moon is exceptionally awesome. And I have to say the one with Don and Donnie was an "awwww" moment too. Your grandson's school and pre-school pics are all so great. This was such a lovely collection Jo!