Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

About Comments - PLEASE READ THIS

I love all the blogs that I read - and I love those that read my blog - and I adore that I get comments.  What makes me sad is when I get a comment sent to my email (that is how I read my comments) and then I want to reply to a question or to give a nice thank you to the commenter - and it says NO-REPLY in the email address window..  

I don't go back to my post and read the comments and reply from there - and I never go back to a blog that I have posted a comment to, to read the return comments - I follow too many blogs to remember which ones reply through email and which ones reply  on the blog post - so I miss a lot - but that's how it goes.

There is a SIMPLE FIX for this - you can change from no-reply to allowing replies through email to your comments.  It is a one on one thing - nothing goes flying out over the entire internet.

If you already receive email replies from me to your comments on my blog - you need to read no further - you already have the right setting.   Here's the fix - 

Go to

In the upper right corner there is your name - and a drop down box - click BLOGGER PROFILE

On the page that opens - in the upper right corner again - it says in an orange box - EDIT PROFILE

Click that and you will have a page open that says Privacy at the top.  The second item under that is SHOW MY EMAIL.   Click that - and your email will be shown ONLY to the person that you commented to - it will not show on your blog anyplace - it will not appear to random readers of your blog - it will ONLY appear in the comment sent to my email so that I can reply to you through email.  

I miss a lot of great chances to reply to comments because the return email is NO-REPLY - it saddens me when I come upon that - and you'd be surprised how many people have the setting to not show their email -  thinking that their email will be spread all over the internet - it won't - it will only allow a blog writer to reply to your comment through their email.

It is your choice - to change or not  - but the last time I posted this sort of thing I had about 50 people reply that they were happy to know how to do this - and what "show my email" actually means - and I  now can reply to their lovely comments through my email.

I'm not sure how you do it on other blog sites - but I'm pretty sure it is similar - just allow your email to be seen - and it will ONLY be seen by those who you comment to - and they can reply to your lovely comments.

A lot of great friendships have started up because I was able to reply personally to a commenter - and I don't want to miss any other possible friendships.

Here's to future friendships - and many happy blogging returns.  

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Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

This is a good tip, JoAnn. It is the sharing of tips like this with other bloggers that has taught me so much! Thanks for sharing! xx