Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We've Been On Vacation

I'm back - do you think you are ready for this?  Don had  almost 2 weeks off for vacation.  We  spent four days at cabins on the bay, many other days exploring Skagit (sounds like gadget) County, just to the south of us, great for day trips and we took over 2,000 photos.  Don has started taking photos and he's very good at it - so you will see some of his work here too.  No, I am not going to show you all 2,000 photos - a few of them were blurry, so I won't show those.  Really, I will edit them down a bit - but I've got lots to share - so sit back - and let the fun begin.  I'll split this into a couple several many  posts, as there are a lot of great things to share.

We started our vacation with a barbecue on the 4th of July with our daughters and their families.

Jahn enjoying his hamburger

The boys played a game online - Mine Craft - they  are at a separate laptops and play cooperatively to achieve the goals of the game.

Even Ben's cat, Zoe, was enjoying the lovely sunny day.

And we got some photos from WV of Donnie wearing a 4th of July paper plate for a hat

With cheeseburger on his cute little face

Then we continued the next day with our monthly trip to a big yard sale - out near Concrete, WA (yes, they made the concrete there for the three dams on the Skagit River that produce electricity for Seattle, WA).  The yard sale is always fun - and we find a lot of neat things there, with super great prices and a chance to visit with the owners.  This time we had a special treat - we got to meet their granddaughter, Madisun, who was visiting from  Las Vegas.  You can read more about Madisun reading my book "Are We Walking To Alaska"  HERE.

After the yard sale we headed back to Sedro Woolley for a late breakfast with our yard sale friend, Julee and Tony - oh the food is so good at the Joy Bakery and Cafe - huge servings - and tastes homemade - and the friends are always fun!

My finds at the yard sale - some pretty milk glass

And four dinner plates for my set of Pink  Willow

A very pretty milk glass basket

Tiny cream and sugar - though I don't serve cream and sugar - but I do use these for jams and jellies and sometimes syrup.

We went to other thrift stores and yard sales all during vacation - and I came home with lots of very pretty teacups - more about them later.

Don found this Santa for me - late one afternoon when everything was half price - so Santa came home for just 50 cents

Oh wait - lots of santas - I love these Matroyshkas

Five Santas for 50 cents - now that's a bargain.

The first Matroyshka (Russian nesting doll) was carved in 1890 and they've been a favorite ever since.  Originally the largest doll was a Russian woman but they have taken on many forms over the years.  I have a fisherman, bought in Eureka, CA, another Santa (with reindeer and a snowman inside) and a Russian peasant lady - from another yard sale.  They are also favorites of little grandsons, who love to discover the tiniest doll inside, which is always made from a solid piece of wood.

And a teeny tiny Santa - only abut 1 1/2" tall - he will join my other Santas in my collection.

A basket and  two cute small teddy bears

Duncan (meaning Brown Warrior in Scots - the version of English spoken in Scotland) is ready to play golf.  His little friend is Kenneth.

He has his weapons golf clubs at the ready

He'll play gold anytime, anyplace

A a darling autumn fairy

His name is Farquar (very dear one in Scots)

He's ready for fun - maybe he will see if the bears want to join him in some games.

And that was the beginning of our wonderful vacation - stay tuned for cabins, critters, lots of herons and just a lot of fun and relaxing.


Mary said...

Yay! Glad you're back! And what a treasure trove you found! I love milk glass AND the Russian nesting dolls. (I'm a tad envious of your collection.)

Awesome pics of your grandsons! They're very handsome. Love all these photos and can't wai to see more! :)

Sharon T in Napa said...

So much fun Jo!! Thanks for often sharing your adventures with us. Makes me feel "home".

Julie Fukuda said...

I am not a person needing to add anything to my already crammed house, but those would have been hard to pass up!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, the grandsons are so cute! Such a nice, long vacation and looks like it started out with lots of good times! Love all your treasures - the milk glass basket is so sweet! Glad you are back and can't wait to see your photos. xo

joy said...

Really looking forward to seeing the rest of your vacation, and lucky you that Don is joining in with photography, I would dearly love it if Rog would take an interest.
Joy xx

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Wah I love the pink willow ware and where oh where did you find so many lovely tea cups? I must go garage saleing again soon. (I need more stuff like a hole in the head but......) love this post

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

The older boys look handsome and the little one...I could squeeze him to darn cute! :)

And you got quite the haul there! :)