Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacation - Part 4

So far we've had the 4th of July picnic with our family - went to a huge yard sale with friends - met one of the young fans of my book about growing up in Alaska (click at the top to order your copy), been to a cabin in Bay View State Park, saw herons, sparrows, crows, deer, raccoons, sheep,  goats and roosters - now we are on our way to a cabin at Fidalgo Bay Resort.  We checked out of the state park at 1 - can't check into the next cabin until 4 - what to do?

We head off to Anacortes - just a couple miles past the resort - and only about 20 miles from the state park.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Anacortes - antique stores - thrift shops - parks -  oh the parks.  We discovered a new one, just out past the San Juan Islands Ferry landing - it is a city park - winds through the woods on a one car (one way) walking/driving path, with little pull out parking places so you can enjoy the views of the island and boats from high on the cliffs over the bay.  We found a handicapped one - and took our sandwiches we had gotten in town for a picnic - to fill the time before we could check in at the resort.

This is the view from the little parking area - just barely room for one car in each parking spot

You know this has to be a good spot - the view is unbelievable

The San Juan Islands Ferries go back in forth in front of us - sometimes we would see three ferries at the same time.  Lots of sailboats, speed boats, yachts and fishing boats were out in the straights too.  The weather was superb - sunshine - warm and a slight breeze.

These sparrows were busy cleaning up after picnickers

The drive through Washington Park is fabulous - trees crowding close to the driving path - and lot of lichen on the trees.

And this tree with a face - the brown part is a shelf fungus - lovely forest face.

When we parked for our picnic, we thought we were at an overlook listed on the map of the park - but we weren't - and so we drove on and came to the overlook - with a fabulous old snag, on the opposite side of Washington Park

The views were fantastic from the viewpoint - guess that is why they call it that.  And the snag seemed happy to pose for us.

In the second  photo on the bottom row is a point of land - the tide was coming in and the currents were unbelievable there.  A small speed boat was waiting for the waters to calm down - but a sail boat went right through
Close up of the currents

At times the sailboat was tossed about - but he made it - but the little boat turned back, waiting in the calmer waters of the bay until the currents subsided some.

 Waiting patiently for the tide to change.

View from the other side of the view point.

We  still had several hours until we could check into our cabin at Fidalgo Bay Resort - so Don decided to hit a few antique stores. It is very handy in Anacortes, almost all the antique stores are within a few blocks of each other.  He found a baseball book about Jackie Robinson with a 1957 Jackie Robinson baseball card that had been used as a bookmark - you know he is going to buy that book.  

He bought me this lovely brown and cream colored pitcher - it matches some other serving/baking pieces that I have in the same design.  Oh dear - a frog - now how did he get in the suitcases?

At last - we are in our cabin - it is quite luxurious compared to the State Park primitive cabin - it is quite luxurious just on its own merit - soft beds - sofa for relaxing - a lovely full kitchen - a big deck and here are a few of the views from our deck.  This is one with the tide out

And when the tide was in

So  many more adventures to come - the herons congregate in this bay and do some fishing - we discover an old abandoned ship - walks along the bay - oh so much to do.  See you tomorrow.

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Dena said...

Thank you for the vacation. Love all your photographs. You captured some spectacular scenes. Cute frog in your new pitcher.

Kay said...

What a nice park to discover in Anacortes! And it looks like Don scored on his shopping trip.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

A gorgeous series of views of the beautiful blue bay. Interesting about the current there, and the boat wisely waiting for the tide to change. The photo with the old snag is my favorite today, JoAnn, although it was very hard to pick a favorite. Beautiful photos - a lovely place to explore. xo

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

It is all so breathtaking and LOL I was wondering 'did she bring any of her toys or dolls ' and then there was the frog. HA!