Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, June 28, 2019

Twenty Thousand Days

Today - June 29, 2019, we have been married for 20,000 Days, or   480,000 hours, or 28,800,000 minutes, and finally 1,728,000,000 seconds

That is 54 years, 9 months, and 4 days -
14,286 weekdays and 5,714 weekend days -
 2,857 weeks and 1 day!

Because I'm not ready to be going out to a restaurant yet - still recuperating from that long stay in the hospital in March and April - we are going to use an Uber Eats gift certificate from our son and daughter-in-law, and have dinner brought to us for our celebration. As always, Don will have steak, and I'll have fish.

Below is a repeat of a blog I did for our 50th anniversary - with a few changes to update it.

I was 17, working in a drug store in Sitka, Alaska the summer before my senior year in high school.  He was 19 and had come to Alaska with his buddy, to work in the newly opened pulp mill to earn money for his sophomore year in college.

It was love at first sight - for both of us.  And now, almost 56 years later, we are celebrating our life together - it is almost our 55th anniversary.  We have had adventures, learned a lot from each other, moved back and forth across the country, watched our wonderful kids grow up, gone on vacations, celebrated events, welcomed great in-laws into our family and been blessed with three grandsons.  It has been the easiest thing we've ever done - these almost 55  years of marriage.

 We've lived in several states, in many houses.  I have pictures of most of them.

 There's a bit of gypsy in us and we've loved all the houses we've lived in - but we love our current (and last) home the very best.

We even have a house cookie jar.
We've enjoyed every stage of our kids growing up 
With birthday parties along the way
We've moved in, and moved out
And been sung funny songs to by our friends who laughed during their performance for us at our going-away dinner - and cried when we moved on.
We've celebrated holidays and events
Cheered at graduations - and cried a little too.
 Halloween was a fun time for pumpkins and funny costumes

 Our 25th anniversary - celebrated with family and friends
With matching sweatshirts to wear on the train trip back to Wisconsin (the trip was a gift from our kids - the sweatshirts were a surprise from Don)
We've gone on vacations - near and far - with family, friends and the occasional bear
These two pictures were taken the same day - one on vacation in the mountains, where there was still snow - and the other back at home in the desert - where there were roses blooming.
We've danced in the rain
Celebrated Halloween as only our youngest daughter can.
Welcomed in the new year with fun and silliness.
Visited the old jail in Yuma, Arizona.
Baked a few pies (oops)
And enjoyed ourselves royally!
It's been a grand trip - with more adventures and celebrations to come.

54 years, 9 months and 4 days and counting!!


Peggy said...

Congratulations you two! What a wonderful life, and wishing you many more years of love and adventures together!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your Uber Eats meal!

Michelle said...

Quite an accomplishment. Congrats!

Julie Fukuda said...

This would have been 56 years for us. It is amazing to look back on all those wonderful photos. Thanks for the inspiration.

Angie said...

JoAnn - congratulations!!! You have seen so much and clearly had a lot of fun doing it!

Powell River Books said...

You have a lot more years together than Wayne and I. We'll be married for 38 years on Christmas Eve. We got married at my parents home in front of the Christmas Tree. Not sure how they got the minister of their church to do that on such a special day, but he did. It's a second marriage for us so we won't hit those high numbers. But what we have has been great. - Margy