Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones

Well - another two weeks away - time for more posting.  I've been reading blogs when I have a few minutes - enjoying them all.

And now for the Wee Ones.
We have a new friend - her name is Clara and she is getting ready to leave for Denmark, where she will have so much fun with a sweet little girl. 

My friend Julee has a great-niece in Denmark who is having a birthday in September and I got to make all the clothes for Clara.

 Clara has pink boots and a wonderful pink cowgirl outfit to match.
She needs lots of clothes when she goes to Sweden - so we are helping her model all the new things.  
She does like our pony - just the thing for a pink cowgirl.
Well, here's Donnie - just in from his baseball game - "Hi Clara".
Would you like to ride our pony?
She's very gentle - let's start out with a walk
Go Clara and pony!
Donnie has changed out of his baseball uniform - he's ready for a day on the farm.  
Nice hat Poppy!!!
What happened to Poppy's hat?
Oh silly Donnie 
 Do you think this matches your outfit?
 Clara likes the apron, hat and matching bag.
It's fun helping show Clara's new wardrobe.  Come back next week,
 there is a lot more to show.

And stop over and visit Diane for more dollie fun!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh fun! A little dollie that can ride the horse! And doesn't she have the perfect outfit! Love the belt...and boots! I like the you've made matching hats and even purses for your dollies. They are stylin' for sure. I'm going back to look at that little jacket with the contrasting trim. Have a FUN day my friend. Dollie hugs, Diane

Candy S said...

Golly I have missed your Wee Ones posts. I was tickled pick to see your post today.
Oh my, what fun indeed! Clara is lovely in her pink cowgirl outfit. Her pink floral top and and stylish belt are the perfect feminine touches to her outfit.

Donnie is looking very handsome in his jean jacket and striped tee. I think he is as cute as the dickens. I bet all of the girl dolls just adore being with him. Lucky Poppy seems to really enjoy being in his company. Her outfit is so cute too. I love the matching purse and hat with the brown jacket, and they also go wonderfully with her bee apron. Clara looks great in this outfit too. The

I have new outfits on several of my dolls too. I think I will set up a garden party with them so I can take pictures of them this afternoon. Actually I have used the same pattern for most of their outfits and only changed up the fabric. I will try to post later today...... Hugs, Candy

Candy S said...

I meant to say tickled pink! I don't know where the pick thing came from. Sorry!


J said...

Just adorable! - with every single finishing touch included! I love the pink boots, just the latest in footwear your kids sport, along with their sandals and tennis shoes and cute slippers! Perfect!

Unknown said...

Just letting you know that Clara made it safe to Denmark (thanks to Julee :) )
and my daughter Clara :) ( the great niece of Julee) loves the doll and all the fantastic outfits you made for her.. we are in awe of your craftmanship .
greetings from Denmark