Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Things Around My House

For therapy for my back surgery I am supposed to walk at least half an hour a day - and with rain and cold and slick surfaces outdoors, I am doing all my walking indoors.  Today I took my camera with me and thought you'd like to see what I pass while I'm walking.

This is a cute little cabbage soup tureen.  It is hand made and just the size for serving soup, or stuffing, or potatoes when we have company.

Close up of the plate under the tureen .  .  .

Now you can see inside .  .  .

Next I passed by my little jar of colored pencils.  These are water color pencils, you can draw with them and then use a wet brush to blend, or you can wipe the brush across the pencil and use the paint that way.  They are my favorite water colors.

The pencils took a little walk with me over to the white kitchen counter - they wanted to see how wonderful they would look against white - pretty nice I'd say, although they moved around quite a bit, trying to see who could be in the front, they still look great.

Look here - Salt and Pepper and Pepper and Pepper.  .  . 

I love pretty little glass bottles - great for a single flower - or a bouquet of violets in the spring or a feather or two.

Open wide.  .  .

And here are the little bottles with their friend, the Upside Down Candy Dish.

Right  side up - but where is the candy?

So pretty - this deserved a close up.  And that's my trip around the house today - let's see what tomorrow brings.

Now I'm off to learn how to change the fonts on my blog - that should be fun, don't you think?


Sharon T in Napa said...

AWESOME!! Thanks. I can tell even by your writing that you are feeling better.

Pondside said...

I'm so glad to learn that you are up and about a bit and feeling well enough to snap these photos and give us a little tour. I like small bottles too - they are lovely with one blossom at each place setting.

Franni said...

Where did that candy go?? I am so glad you are starting to feel a bit better!! Love ya!!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Love that cabbage soup tureen and the inside surprise color! Glad to see you walking about! xx

Dave said...

Those are great photos, I love the pencils. I hope your recovery is going as well as you had hoped.

Lili said...

Baby steps, but when you're up to feeling better you can photograph the candy, flowers, paintings you do with the pencils and of course some yummy soup in that gorgeous tureen! So glad you are feel well enough to browse around the house and capture your pretty inspiration though!