Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Very Good Eagle Day

Whenever we leave the house I have all three cameras with me - they fit in one camera bag - along with extra flash cards, lots of freshly charged batteries and my tripod.  My eyes scan the trees and roadsides for birds, I let my eyes wander a bit looking for fences, or mailboxes, or rock walls - then back to the trees and sky.  On our latest trip to Lynden to find Clydesdales, I spotted a lot of eagles - some were not in a place where I could get a good shot - but others were.

A young eagle sitting in a tree .  .  .

Another sitting on the tip top of a tree.  We backed into a parking lot so I could get a good view of this eagle.  People slowed their cars as they went past - looking to see just what I was taking pictures of.

 I've done that before, have you? I see someone stopped along the road - with a telescope or a camera and I always want to know what they are looking at.  Sometimes I find something good - sometimes I find nothing and sometimes I stop and ask what they see. One certainly doesn't want to miss an opportunity.

Farther along, almost in to town, we find this beauty.  Just sitting up in  a tree, waiting for lunch I suppose.

Closer to town, there is a tree with an eagle's nest, right over the river, but I've never seen eagles there before. And what luck - both eagles were in the tree this day.

This is a close up of the nest - taken a couple years ago -  no eagles at that time, but I had a chance to stop on the bridge and get the photo, from a slightly different angle than today's photos.

The wind is blowing the feathers of the eagle out to the left .  .  .

Closer view of the windblown eagle .  .  .  I'm talking WIND

This is the second eagle - the one sitting nearer the nest - I couldn't get as clear a shot of this one.  This is nesting season so I am assuming that the eggs have hatched and the parents are taking a little break, and perhaps fishing for lunch for the eaglets.

It was a very good eagle day.


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Wow! Great shots! I love the wind blowing the eagle's feathers and the eagle nest! I've never seen a nest before.

I know what you mean about people wanting to see what you are photographing. Other people are not as patient and if you slow down they are downright rude. I had one man today speed up so he could approach me very fast when the minute before there was nobody there. It really scared me. He was trying to be intimidating, I guess. It was a lonely old back road with a 25 mph speed limit. A reminder to me to be more careful!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Wonderful photos. They are so regal and lovely to look at. I will be happy to get outside more now that the weather is a little better. I love your hardware photo too. I should take lessons from you. Have a great weekend.