Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Samish Island

A drive down to Samish Island - this is the area where we saw 35 Great Blue Herons one night in the grassy wetlands. We thought we might see them again - but there were none - so on we went to Samish Island - it is connected by a dike, built in 1930, to the mainland and is now a peninsula, rather than an island.  There are beautiful homes and vacation rentals and most of the houses sit high on a bluff overlooking the bay.  Looking down we discovered where the herons had gone.
They were fishing in the shallow waters of the bay

The slightly sloping beach is perfect for the long legged herons

A Bald Eagle flew over several times and in this far off shot you can see the fish dangling from its claws as the eagle rises out of the water.

The views to the southwest, towards Anacortes, WA are spectacular

This is one of our favorite drives - where do you go for your favorite?


Tom said...

...what a beautiful spot!

Rose said...

This is a fantastic place to go!

Michelle said...

That is an awesome shot of the Eagle!

Julie Fukuda said...

Riding along in your camera bag is one of my favorite places,

Marigene said...

Another group of awesome photos! I really enjoy the ones of the herons. Thanks for sharing...have a wonderful weekend, JoAnn.

Powell River Books said...

Herons can look like several different kinds of birds depending on how the stand. Guess I'm partial to Chuckanut Drive. I've only done it half a dozen times so it hasn't gotten old yet. - Margy