Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Day

Time to set the table for Christmas dinner.  New dishes this year - this year's version of the Better Homes and Gardens holiday dishes.  
 Plates and serving dishes have holly, mistletoe and evergreen boughs
 Napkins folded to form a Christmas tree
 The salad plates are different each year - I have some from two different years now.  It is nice to have the variety of designs on the salad plates.
 A hand crocheted tablecloth over a bright red undercloth.
 This was Don's favorite!

 The children's table was set with the same dishes and a red checked tablecloth with snowflakes.
The centerpiece is from 1969.  I had joined a Craft-of-the-Month club - each month (for the  outrageous price of between $2.95 and $4.95, you received in the mail a craft kit on approval).  If you didn't like the kit you could send it back in a postage paid package and pay nothing - if you liked it you would keep it and pay the fee for that month.  The little flocked mouse in the lantern chimney was the December 1969 kit and was $4.95.  I adored it.  The ribbons have been replaced a few times, but the mouse and the lantern chimney are the originals.  This year I put it on an aluminum platter with handles, added gold mini ornaments and glittered mini pine cones.  It is still a family favorite.
And then the Christmas tree - the presents were passed around and opened - everyone oohed and aahed at the wonderful, thoughtful gifts they received - it was a terrific Christmas.


Tom said...

Don's favorite is mine too!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, pretty tablescape and dishes! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am so glad you had a good Christmas JoAnn. I must say that your table settings are wonderful.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

So enjoying sharing your tablescapes and such. Partial to the bunny on the salad plate, and the car taking the tree home is next fave.
xo, m & jb

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice tree -- love those lights!

Kim said...

Oh what a glorious Christmas, celebratory table, JoAnn. Those plates are all the different designs. Such a beautiful tree shimmering with prettiness. The centrepiece is lovely. Have the most wonderful new year, lovely JoAnn!

Rose said...

Beautiful table...I like it all!

Julie Fukuda said...

A set of dishes for every occasion! Stunning.

Small City Scenes said...

Glad you are back and look at all I missed. Always love your table settings---and the food my gosh I hope you have plenty of visitors. I have nothing to compare with what you do---not even in my memories. That makes you pretty special.
I love the Hummers and am glad we can accommodate them this winter. As for Mt. Rainier it is a joy to see from the deck when she is out. That is from my house and I spend a lot of time at Bob's house which seems much closer to Baker so I can enjoy both wonderful mountains.
I have noticed bigger flocks of Swan this year too and fewer flocks of Snow geese. I wonder what is up. Maybe they stayed south of Stanwood this year.
13 degrees here this morning---Brrrr!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh I meant to comment on your craft a month or whatever it is/was. I belong to that also. What fun for a stay at home mom. I still have a couple of things I made. now I have to go find them.

Mary said...

"A terrific Christmas" - says it all!
Your dishes and table were so lovely Jo-Ann - I know everyone had a wonderful time.

I'm reading your book at last (don't forget to cash the check - which I think you've not done!) and it's wonderful.
Yesterday we met a lovely lady working at the local Pottery Barn shop - she also lived in Alaska for 15 years, and was also from northern California - now settled here in NC and loving it. I think all the women who have lived in Alaska must be lovely and so interesting to chat with. . . . .she is mom to 10 children and looked fantastic! Must be something in the water up there in the cold north, haha!

Happy New Year to you all.
Hugs - Mary

Candy S said...

I love your crafty vintage centerpiece. It suits your table and the Christmas spirit perfectly! I do adore those BH&G Winter/Christmas plates. I am torn on my favorite plate, the deer and rabbit plates are so sweet but now I am eying up the old woody station wagon with the tree on top. Happy New Year dear friend..... Hugs Candy

PS: The dolls, my sewing machine and material are finally back in the house (just in time it would seem now that the bitter cold has arrived here in Ohio, I was afraid the dolls would get frostbite in that cold garage.) Brrrr. They were exiled to the garage when I had to make room for my brother last September. Brother dearest moved into his new home a couple of days ago.

Granny Sue said...

Absolutely beautifully, Jo Ann. A lot of care and thought and creativity went into that table.

J said...

What a beautiful Christmas you had! Everything is so homey and warm and inviting. Beautiful dishes and very clever Christmas tree napkins set a lovely table!
I can just picture everyone nestling about the tree - in that wonderful lighting - and enjoying the love that is Christmas!
And I do remember the days of craft kits for reasonable prices and the fun of putting them together and keeping them for years!