Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Quick Outing

Just a few minutes out of the house on this blustery day - a stop at the bay
 Rough seas in the bay and the Barrow's Golden Eye Ducks were riding the waves

 One just beginning a dive for fishing

 A stop at Lake Whatcom - some Cormorants resting on the old pilings of the long gone lumber mill
 Even the lake was rough - winds were high and rain splattered down now and then
And a "cover" of American Coots.  They are not actually ducks - do not have webbed feet, but can still swim.  They build their nests on the water on a floating raft with a ramp for getting in and out of  the nest.  They are plentiful here all winter on Lake Whatcom
 On the lawn at the lake there were Canada Geese, enjoying something to nibble on
 Off to the water we go
 Someone has decorated the new trees that the city planted along the ponds near our house
 I guess they used what they had on hand - red "danger" tape 
You can see the reflection of our car in one of the ornaments they hung on the tree.

A fun little outing and then home for some soup on this blustery day.

Have you had a wintery outing (or summery outing in the southern hemisphere) this christmas week?


The Weaver of Grass said...

My 'outings' have consisted of looking out of the window at all the birds feeding at our feeders - it is bitterly cold here, so the log burner is more attractive! Loved going on your outing though - and I love your new Christmassy collage.

eileeninmd said...

I enjoy a winter outing too. It is a good time to see the winter ducks.. Great sightings of the ducks, cormorants and the geese.. Happy Sunday! I wish you and your family a very Happy & Healthy New Year!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love seeing the ducks! They are so cute. And the other waterbirds and the geese.There is a squirrel fussing outside right now, and I don't know what is upsetting him. He sits in the tree by our kitchen window and naps and does squirrely things. You know the drill.

Weather? It has see-sawed between wet and chill to hot and bright. You don't know whether to run the AC or the Heat. Right now, I am running the AC. I haven't been out much, but I plan to get out today.

Sending love to you on the West Coast from the East Coast.


Sheila :-)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Those black and white ducks sure have beautiful markings! And what a pretty place to visit. We hiked on Friday and hope to take a bike ride today. It's warm here...supposed to be 80 today. (I've been sewing some, too!) Hugs, Diane

Candy S said...

Your geese look like the geese that visit our pond in the summer. They certainly are very handsome birds. I will be making the broth to make vegetable beef soup today so we can enjoy it when it gets cold this week. So far it has been unusually warm since Christmas. I've been running around in a sweatshirt.

J said...

Wow! Your new header is absolutely stunning! Every little feather and flicker of light - every texture and glimmering shimmer! I wonder if you might do a post of your personal favorites taken in 2014? I think we could all recommend a few that really stand out, but I'd love to see which ones are your choice!

Kay said...

I continue to be pleased to see the different ducks in your part of the world. It may have been a blustery day but it was a productive one!

Marigene said...

So many beautiful photos, JoAnn! I love the ones of the blue heron. You live in an area that has so many different birds...I always enjoy the photos you share with us.
Happy New Year.