Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

 Sunday Scavenger Hunt

1. Double
Two Bald Eagles sitting on a branch overlooking a lake

 Trumpeter Swans

2. Friday
On Friday I took photos of all the American Girl Doll Accessories that I have made this year for the Craft Fair in December.  This is a curly scarf.  I made them in sets - one for the doll and one for the little girl who owns the doll - in lots of pretty colors.  I also made bracelets, flip flops with matching Easter baskets, pumpkin hats and baskets and knitted hats with flower decorations - it has been fun making these all year.

3. Memories
The autumn dishes always bring me happy memories of past Thanksgivings with our family

4. Busy Day

 It is a busy day at the duck pond.

5. Where I Stand

If I were a horse, this is definitely where I would stand.



Love all these photos--great job--
love the doubles--

Kay said...

You've had busy hands this year! I hope we'll see more of your crafts before they're all snapped up next month.

Montanagirl said...

Very nice line-up of photos. Love the horses!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful captures of the birds. And I love the horses.. Your Autumn dishes are pretty. Have a happy week!

J said...

The eagles and the horses look like they are just hangin' out, chitchatting about "this and that!"
Your doll accessories are so cute! I love the idea of "mommy and me" items for a little girl and her doll! You'll do very well at the show!

Mary said...

Beautiful birds, and love the horses.
Your knitting is so cute - what a great idea to make matching scarves for girls and their sweet dollies!
JoAnn, those autumn dishes are beautiful!
Have a great holiday.
Hugs - Mary

Julie Fukuda said...

I love all the pictures but particularly smile at the matching doll items. It was only a short time ago that my granddaughter went through the costume box and found a dress to match the one the doll was wearing.

Unknown said...

Love the busy ducks on the pond. The double eagles are cool. Crafts are fun to do. Those little pieces are tedious, I bet. You should sell a lot of them at the fair.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh love the Thanksgiving dishes. The Eagles and the horses. Hug B

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the idea of matching accessories for child and doll. Very good idea for selling at a craft fair I would have thought.