Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, October 31, 2014

October Scavenger Hunt

Time for Scavenger Hunting again - always a fun time.

O is for


 A deer visiting the Post Office at closing time on Orcas Island

 Foggy morning at the cabin on Orcas Island - it was so quiet

  Something you bought
 Snowflake dishes and blue silverware to match - all thrifted


The sun shining off clouds
  Close up


Belted Kingfisher on a dead tree limb

 Friends came to lunch

 Our grandsons Ben and Jahn-Zyel petting the goats on Jahn's farm
 Jahn walking to their home down a farm path

Your Sky

  Your shoes
My new shoes - these are Crocs - can you believe it?


Kay said...

I love all these shots, especially those you took on Orcas Island - such a nice mood. But all are wonderful captures. (And what a nice lunch you serve! Yum!)

Julie said...

Great interpretations as always. Love the 2 sky photos but my favourite is the deer going to the post office! x

Amanda Peters said...

Great set of photos and the photo of the moon is amazing...
Amanda xx

eileeninmd said...

Love the sky and moon shots.. And the foggy scenes are pretty. I love the kingfisher too. Great post. Have a happy weekend!

Glo said...

You've taken some beautiful photos for the October set ~ O for over was a brilliant idea, and I can just about hear that gull on the post telling the one overhead one to buzz off! Catching the deer near the post box was also a clever shot. Orcas Island in the mist is so west coast! Terrific moon shot! Wow... Lunch looks very welcoming and delicious. Your grandchildren seem to be having a wonderful childhood :)

Powell River Books said...

Love the thrift store dishes and silverware. Which stores do you like best in town? You mentioned you lived by the lake, which one? - Margy

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Jo!
1. Boy, Crocs have come a long way, huh?
2. I have just recently discovered the joy of thrifting.
3. Your pix are so creative!
4. Happy Halloween! from m & jb!

Julie Fukuda said...

Some really fun pictures from the O to the crocs!
We have a common kingfisher here like a flying jewel.

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. What great photos, I really like childhood, your sky, colour. Greenthumb.

Eileen T said...

Your misty morning photos are beautiful. I like your new snowflake plates.

Claudia said...

Just love your photos! The one with the deer is lovely!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, are Crocs going upscale?

Fundy Blue said...

Flat-out beautiful collection, Jo-Ann! Well done!

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a great set of photos! I love 6pm, light and your sky.

Kezzie said...

Your shots are beautiful and I am particularly enamoured by Over and 6pm!!! x

J said...

I scrolled down, thinking about each one, "Now THAT"S my favorite!"
I envy Jahn - what a wonderland of a place to grow up in!
The fog over the water is eerily beautiful!

Candy S said...

I think I love the dear by the mailbox the best. But I do have to say I love those snowflake plates too.