Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, May 19, 2014

More On Guemes Island

And now for part two - you can read about part one on Guemes Island on my last post.  We enjoyed a wonderful day exploring a fabulous island.
Heading out from the ferry dock we saw this little float cabin - not floating - and a bench made of branches - there are several of these benches all around the island 
We drove to the north west end of the island and found a small park with fabulous view 
A stone circle - 12 stones around and 1 in the center - a special place

With pretty English Daisies in the grass
Another bench made of logs, in the park - a restful place to contemplate the day

A little crab shack with buoys and crab pots at the entrance to the park 
Crabbing must be good off the island as there were crab pot buoys used for decorations in many places 
At the park we watched as a couple launched their new handmade sailing skiff - he rowed out a ways into the bay before hoisting the sales 
We enjoyed the park, and the view of them sailing.  We wanted to wait for them to come back to shore to offer photos of their first trip in their sailboat but they went far down the channel and it would have been hours before they got back - and we had to consider the ferry schedule 
Lots of bird houses on the island - I wonder how hot these mailbox birdhouses get 
This was my favorite - the lighthouse is fitted over the mailbox - which likes like a small house at the bottom 
And I couldn't resist this one - the white front of the "lawn mower" is the big  mailbox  
Very well done - makes you wonder just how big a fish they might be expecting to catch 

The LeMaisters welcome you to their beach house  
A whale on a stump
A picture of  Mt. Baker from the north end of Guemes Island - though you can only see the bottom - next visit we hope to see the whole mountain - we've never seen it from this view
Looking the other direction, up the channel between islands - you can barely see the cement plant in Bellingham.
Lots of kite flying on the island - the breezes were perfect
It was a wonderfully lazy day - sitting in the park - enjoying nature and watching the boats come and go  - and then we got a phone call - our  daughter asking us if we'd like to go out to dinner with them (it was still Mother's Day) at a favorite Mexican Restaurant in Ferndale - and of course the answer was yes.  So we zipped back down the entire island - good thing it is a small island and as we pulled onto the ferry we saw that we were the very last car that would fit - perfect timing - and a bit of good luck.
This was our view straight ahead on the return trip - being the last in line doesn't get you much of a view
But looking off to the right we can see up the channel - fairies dancing on the water - a perfect day.


Pondside said...

Yes, we definitely have to get there. After your last post I reminded The Great Dane that we needed to take the Anacortes Ferry THIS summer. He agreed. We'll see..........

The Weaver of Grass said...

This looks a totally blissful place JoAnn and what a glorious place to spend the day.

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful day trip. I thoroughly enjoyed both episodes!

Kay said...

What a gorgeous place! I love all those distinctive mailboxes, and the driftwood benches are a very nice touch, too. I'm sure my husband would know what kind of sailboat that is. It looks nice. What fun to witness its launch! It sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day!

Julie Fukuda said...

That little island sure got a corner on the creativity market. I've seen some pretty cool drift-wood benches. Looks like you hada perfect ending to a perfect day.

greenthumb said...

I'm now sure this is somewhere I would love to visit, so many very pretty photos.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

A lovely place indeed. I like the mailboxes!

Lori E said...

An island full of artists I think. What fun things to find. Everyone personalizing their spaces. Very cool.
Do tell the name of the restaurant. We go to El Gitano in the Sunrise mall whenever we cross the border and have time. We like it but it is nice to have a backup place.

J said...

Such a fairyland of a place! I was delighted to see your post pop up with more pictures since I so enjoyed the previous one featuring houses. That beautiful sky doesn't hurt the ambiance either! said...

Oh Jo, I realize I have missed your writings and your photo journals! Wonderful, wonderful talented you!