Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Three Fingers

Always looking for a road we haven't taken - we head off down a new road in Skagit County
We've seen this mountain many times - but never knew the name - then the other day I saw it on Small City Scenes of Stanwood , and now we know.  It is Three Fingers, but on her blog she says she calls it Three Finger Jack and I love that name too.  Stop over at her blog - she's got some amazing photos there. 
Off in the distance - our Mt. Baker
And then a rustling sound catches my attention
Dry grass, growing out of a fence post.  They say if you stand still very long in Washington that something will grown on you.  We do get a lot of rain - though this winter we've not had our usual amounts.
A lovely red barn in front of Mt. Baker
I learned something new about Mt. Baker today.  The entire mountain is Mt. Baker - but there are several peaks surrounding the smooth round dome. The dome is Grant Peak, and to the left you see Colfax Peak - and to the right - Sherman Peak
Lincoln Peak is the middle peak - it has not been climbed because it is volcanic rock which disintegrates in the summer.
Notice the size of the trees up on the ridge in front of  this gigantic mountain
A little farther down the road we find this produce stand - we've seen the signs for it many times when coming back from viewing the snow geese, but never took the time to travel down here.  There was a sign on the road that simply said, "Closed for Now"  
The apple trees are trimmed up and ready for the new season
An apple a day at Pleasant Ridge Farm. We'll be back in the summer for sure.
Going no place in particular, we wander down another country road - and find this meandering ditch that farmers use to drain the excess rainfall out of the fields
And in the distance - Trumpeter Swans - we can hear them from the car
And at the end of our ride a thrift store - or junk store - or antique store - nooo - not really antiques - but sure a lot of junk. But now and then you find something fun in there - Don found a pair of Boy Scout pants just like the ones he wore when he was a boy scout - and a gift for me that he is saving for later - I wonder what it is.


joy said...

Am wondering now if the peaks on Mt. Baker are named after presidents or generals, or both?
Joy x x x
p.s. nearly finished reading your book, highly recommended

Fundy Blue said...

Lovely pictures, JoAnn! It's funny to see a field with a ditch in it to drain excess water off. Here, on the dry high plains the ditch would be to bring irrigation water into the fields. Have a good one!,

Jeanne said...

That was a delightful ride down a country road!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love the way you take us on rides through your lovely scenery. That red barn is exquisite - I love the red barns in your country. Hope your gift is a nice surprise.

Marigene said...

As always, your photographs are beautiful, JoAnn. Are those all trumpeters at the very back of the grass line? I would be thrilled to see just one, say nothing about that many!

Lorrie said...

That was an enjoyable ride down a country road. I didn't know Mt. Baker had so many individually named peaks. We enjoy looking at it across the water. Sometimes it looks like we could reach out and touch it.

greenthumb said...

I always like seeing your trips out, look wonderful.

Kay said...

It looks like some fresh snow has frosted the lower parts of Baker. And I'm pretty sure I've stood near that red barn and apple orchard! We were there last spring while visiting the Tulip Festival.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely landscapes and views. The red barn shot is my favorite. Have a happy day!

Powell River Books said...

The junk store looks like fun. I love to visit our local thrift stores frequently. I always find some treasure or other. Well, at least it is a treasure to me. Must not have been to the person who made the donation. - Margy