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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Ducks

I don't have a specific list of birds that I've seen in my life - but I do keep track in my head - and recently I've come across quite a few new ones.
The Water in the bay was so dark blue the last time we were at Birch Bay State Park.  We had breakfast at a local diner, very early, and set out for Birch Bay - we don't often go there so early in the morning and wanted to see what was going on then.  These photos are all straight out of the camera - this is the actual color of the water that day.
The Barrow's Golden  Eye Duck is not new to me - but I just had to show him flapping in the water - what a capture!
There were not large rafts of ducks - just some here and there - and I discovered that there were some I had not seen before.
The top one is the White Winged Scooter, the bottom one, Surf Scooter.
Surf Scooter with his amazing beak.
On the grass, some American Widgeons
And some Northern Shovelers
Jump in the water and swim away
And just one Green Winged Teal - he was swimming away so fast I was happy to get  this photo.

So with the Semipalmated Sandpipers yesterday, this makes five new birds on my list.  I think I'll start an actual list - and see how many birds would be on it.  Do you have a bird list?



Kay said...

Great shots! (These were taken before your new camera, no?) It's nice to see a variety of ducks in one post and I love all the water reflections, too. What a wonderful cross section of quackers in your area! I've not kept a bird list, not made a practice of identifying the various birds I've seen. I think it would trigger a typical obsessiveness that would start detracting from the pleasure...

Lorrie said...

I have a semi-official bird list that I've just begun since getting a bird identification book for Christmas. I write in the book when and where I see a bird for the first time. It's slow going because I'm so unknowledgeable about the birds.
Great photos once again. Love that blue, blue water.

J said...

I don't have a bird list, but I've got you! Seriously, I'd come here first if I ever needed to identify a bird, duck, hawk or owl! Your shots are so clear and close up! The color of that water is stunning. I'm crazy about that little guy just flapping his wings with joy! (the Golden Eye)
PS - I loved your comment on my post, the lyrical description of your 3 grandsons! awww! We grandmas just love our little guys, don't we?

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful duck sightings! And congrats on your Scoter sightings. There are some relaly pretty ones,like the Shoveler, Wigeon and the Teal.. Great shots! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Anonymous said...

great duck photos..especially the Barrow's Golden Eye!

Julie Fukuda said...

I do keep a list in my bird book but these days I find birds that are not in the book. A week ago someone gifted me a newly published book with photos but some birds I see rather regularly are not in that book either. They may not be "native" to the area but they are definitely living here and multiplying!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

So cute, and that scooter with his beak open... Darling!

helena said...

great shots - there is a family group of widgen on the river I walk by at the moment. The beaks on the scooters look like the eider duck that I see here

Gordon said...

A great set of pics, it looks like you where quite close to the surf ducks, we very rarly get so close in the UK.
All the best Gordon.

Karen said...

I wouldn't have any idea which duck was which, so I'm glad you've identified them. Love the Green Winged Teal; beautiful photos!

Stewart M said...

I really like ducks! Even the most common are great to watch - if ever a bird has a sense of humour it would be a duck!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne