Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, February 17, 2014

Lummi Island - A Day of Strange Things

A place to go that we have not been to in a long time - Lummi Island.  A small island off the Lummi Peninsula - north of Bellingham.  We drive through the changing scenery - lots of birds, often eagles and hawks - to the ferry terminal at Gooseberry Point.
Here comes the ferry now - it holds about 20 cars.  I'm always hoping that we won't be the car in front.  You can go as a walk on passenger too - and sit inside the small cabin.

Preparing to load onto the ferry.  That isn't strange, just an ordinary ferry dock and cars in a line.
The Whatcom Chief has been in service since the 60s.
A seagull watches all the cars going onto the ferry - hoping for a bit to eat I suppose.
Our view from our car as we cross Hale Passage - looking north.  Well that isn't strange either - and it was calm that day - though windy and cold.
The ride is less than 5 minutes over to Lummi Island.
Beachfront houses - not strange at all.
These two cottages are part of a tiny county park, though no longer used for lodging.
A popular cafe - absolutely the best fish and chips in the world!  (Well in my world anyway) - but we didn't eat here - more about that later.

Now THAT is strange.  Just beyond the cafe we came upon these flip-flops hanging in small trees.
All sizes and designs - wonder just how this got started.
It is at a rental cottage on the beach - the cottage has a good reputation - not based on the flip-flop trees I suppose.
Ok - this is strange too - mugs hanging in another tree next door to the cottage.

A clever mail box - well done
But the beads in the trees are strange - very strange.  This might be a fun place to rent a cottage
Hmmmm, not sure what the big yellow thing is - you have any idea?  It seems a bit overkill to use it to hold up the mailboxes - clever - but strange.
Two old metal mailboxes - weathered by the storms that come across the island.
Speaking of mailboxes - you can hang up your coat here and go off for a nice walk and come back in time to pick up the mail.
And if you need a Canada Goose mailbox - this is the one for you.  I think the wing should flap up to show that you have outgoing mail.
This is the second time that day we had seen people taking their goats out for a walk.  The fist time was an old man with two goats on leashes - I wish I'd asked if I could take his picture too.
And then the strangest thing - it started to snow
So we headed back to the ferry terminal and home, before the snow got too bad - and that is why we didn't stop and eat at the Beach Cafe - we'll come back another day for that - when it is not snowing.  Maybe in the summer when we can eat on the front porch of the cafe.

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Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Thank you I would love to see all that beauty there sure are a lot of creative people there. Ferry rides are fun. Hug B

Peggy said...

What a cool place! Another 'place to go' on the bucket list!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Fun place, JoAnn!

I bet they put that hook on the mailbox because the other rusted off, and they thought this would be sturdier and probably just had it on hand. It is actually cute in its red suit. Loved all the fun things in the trees. Are the beads always there or just up to celebrate Mardi Gras? Maybe some transplant from Louisiana lives there. I have never met anyone from Louisiana that doesn't have a playful sense of humor. Speaking of which, my BIL loved to do gourmet cooking years ago, and at that time, it was imossible to find goat milk in the stores, with all of his recipes calling for it. So my nieces and sister gave him a Nubian goat which he used to walk down their bayou road every day with his two dogs. Some man who had moved their from NOLA said, "Dr., what kind of dog is that you are walking?" My BIL was incredulous and thought he had met the dumbest person on the planet. In the man's defense, the goat would trot along with my BIL sans leash. She just followed the dogs as it was a private road with very few cars,,and she would follow my BIL anywhere. It got to be quite the menagerie when the goat had a baby! ;-)



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Moved "there" not their! Still struggling with this IPAD.

Powell River Books said...

I've only been to Lummi once, and only for a short visit. Good to know there is a cafe in addition to the fancy restaurant. - Margy

Lorrie said...

Strange sights on Lummi Island, alright. But fun and whimsical, too. Sounds like a good outing and I'm glad you made it back before the worst of the snow.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I just love the name Gooseberry Point!

Nonnie said...

I have to say that the cups hanging on a tree was to me the oddest. The ferry I have ridden on was a 2 hour ride from Charlevoix, Michigan to Beaver Island (Lake Michigan). It has a very big cabin to house people. I will miss going there because my cousin whose sumer home I'd visit died this past year.

Kay said...

What a fun trip! Those trees are interesting - I've seen ones where people have thrown shoes into them. I just hope that birds don't take a linking to the beads. And...snow! Did you get enough that it stuck to the ground?

Fundy Blue said...

What a fun trip! I love ferries! We traveled on them quite a bit when I was growing up. Dad always like to be right up front because then he'd be the first off! Have a good one!

joanne said...

I have lived here most of my life and have not taken the trip up to Lummi. It sounds like a great day, whimsical fun, goats and good food too, wow, I must make plans to go. Thanks for the sweet treat!

J said...

What a quaint little place to visit! I love the sense of humor that decorating those flip flop, mug and bead trees requires! And the goats out for a walk? Waaay too much fun! I think I wish I lived there! And if I did, you and Don would not have to go home to avoid an impending storm - I'd invite you in to spend the night and we'd order take out from the Beach Café and sit in front of the fireplace and pet my goats!