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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

Well, I'm just a week behind.  This has been such a gloriously happy, busy season that I've not kept up with my blogging - but that's ok - I've had fun and enjoyed the season - that is the main thing.  I admire those that can blog right along with the season - I've enjoyed your photos and tables and fun so much.

The table is set - the guests are about to arrive - let's have some Christmas Eve fun!

12 Days of Christmas glasses - we've had these since our kids were little - some have gotten broken over the years, and we've found replacements at the thrift stores.  I love anything to do with 12 Days of Christmas

Penguin napkin rings - I made these from plastic canvas especially for this season

Red handled flatware - in green tumblers - with just a little snow from picmonkey - thank you monkey

The plates and serving dishes are green holly dishes - collected over the years.  I crocheted the little christmas tree when we lived in the desert in S. California

Cranberry/orange bread and Lemon Poppy Seed bread in a bell and a tree holly dish

Dips and cheese spreads

A table full of goodness.

Don does the Christmas Eve - food prep, table setting, etc. I contribute the sweets

And I made this special christmas tree - on a tree plate

There are lots of fun Christmas Critters in our house - most of them sing or dance or do something silly.  These are on their new sled, under the Christmas tree.

And more in a huge basket

Desserts are served on the buffet, next to the dining room table.  I painted the three carolers one year after our kids dressed up and went caroling around the outside of our house, then came indoors for cocoa and cookies - the carolers are dressed as our three kids were.

Frosted cut-out sugar cookies and miniature chocolate cupcakes

Three pies - one apple, two mince meat

Cranberry/pecan shortbread, Russian Teacakes, Gingerbread pigs with pink frosting on their backs and Thumbprint cookies with homemade peach/raspberry jam.  Please help yourself.

Mint cookies, chocolate covered dried cherries, Almond sandwich cookies and chocolate BonBons - all were gifts  -  and all were delicious.

Our tree was lit and cheery

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve.


Jeanne said...

JoAnn, it looks like a perfect Christmas Eve! I haven't pu on that kind of spread in years. I miss that.
Have a blessed New Year full of happiness and love.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Everything looks so delicious and so pretty, JoAnn! So many pretty dishes and keepsakes - and the food looks wonderful! The perfect Christmas filled with good food, fun, and family. Now I am seriously hungry. :) Have a wonderful New Year, JoAnn - the very best to you and your sweet family. xo Karen

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I loved every photo, Jo! What fun! Everything was picture perfect, and I loved the decor!



Unknown said...

It was a great party <3

Kay said...

Good for you! You took pictures before the food was gone! It looks like a perfect feast - I'd have trouble resisting the cookies.
Here's to a great 2014, JoAnn! Happy New Year to you and yours!

joy said...

It looks magnificent, JoAnn, hope it was enjoyed by all. I simply love the tree plates and the way you set them with salad stuffs. Some wonderful ideas. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your season, and all the best for 2014. Joy x x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love that veggie Xmas tree platter!

Nonnie said...

what a magnificent, stunning assortment of festive dishes and the food placed upon them! wow, wow, wow!
I beggered off with blog posts during the busy season too.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Nonnie said...

I forgot to add about the 12 Days of Christmas glasses- I love them and I'm glad you've found replacements for those broken.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Cheery and Bright......and delicious! :) Love those little carolers and the crocheted tree!

Candy S said...

JoAnn, This is magnificent! I am seriously in love with all of your holly serving pieces. I collect anything 12 days of Christmas too. Let me know if you need to replace any more of the glasses, I just found another set at the VOA at 50 cents a glass (they look like brand new). And look at all of that wonderful food. You are going to need another week off to rest after all of that cooking. I saw those wonderful Russian Tea cakes, they are my most favorite cookie ever. The pies look so tasty, I want to reach into the computer screen and cut a little piece for me. This is the best Christmas spread I have seen in many years. Fantastic job!!