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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Favorite Dishes


I've had a few plates of this pattern for many, many years.  The corral colored platter under the rose bouquet is like a very large plate, I've heard them call chop platters.  Then one time my cousin bought me a serving bowl and some dessert plates as a hostess gift when she was visiting.  And we found a large, round platter.  I've always wanted more of these lovely dishes, but  there are no markings on the bottom, and I'd never heard the  name or the maker.

Then I saw this blog - from Linda - and look what she has on her table.  A pretty green plate that matches my pretty corral platter.  Go ahead - go look at her pretty table setting - I'll wait.

Well, that made me want to find more of these dishes - so I set off on a quest.   I searched Ebay for "rimmed plate" and there they were - MacBeth  Evans is their name - and there were lots of them - plates, bowls, oh the glory of it all.  Reasonable prices on Ebay get me every time - and soon these babies were winging their way to me (you didn't know dishes could fly, did you?)

I now have three colors of Mac Beth Evans dishes 


Little bunnies add to the fun. The tablecloth is another Ebay find - seems they are not as popular as they once were, so hand crocheted tablecloths are really inexpensive on Ebay

The little blue plate is one of a set of multicolored plates I found at Value Village recently, they fit right in.


Yellow plate and bowl, with the same blue scalloped edge plate, crystal napkin ring and vintage Bakelite handled silverware in butterscotch color 

Crystal goblets add to the  place setting 

And Green

Green Bakelite silverware with a vintage embroidered napkin

Add one of the scalloped pink sandwich plates and a milk glass dessert cup  

Or switch to red handled silverware, an apple napkin ring and a yellow scalloped plate and you have a completely different feel to the table setting

The table with three different place settings - which is your favorite?

Cottage Style Party  


Rowan said...

These are really pretty, all the colours are nice but the green is my favourite. E-bay is a great place to pick up nice bits of china isn't it?

Lynn said...

you must have so much fun entertaining...

greenthumb said...

Very pretty.

Fundy Blue said...

Very pretty settings! I can't pick a favorite color combo. I was intrigued by the name of the china Mac Beth Evans. My maiden name was Mac Beath! I love pretty china, Thanks for sharing!

Kay said...

Isn't it fun to make a breakthrough like that and find something you've been looking for? And what a treat to have a choice! I can't decide which color I like the most - these are all beautiful!