Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A busy day

Today we had lots of errands to tend to in town.  We got our list together and off we went - in search of soil for the new raised bed that Don and I built yesterday - some plants and other gardening stuff that we've been needing.

Last night on the way home we saw a sign for a plant sale at the Unitarian Church - so that was our first stop - and what a sale it was.  They had a big fenced area with tables and bins full of plants.  All the tables were labeled so you could head right for what you wanted.  I got three lilac starts - they are tiny - but they were $1.00 each - good price.

Then I headed for the edibles tables, I was especially looking for tomato plants for the new raised bed.  And I got tomatoes.  Again- can't beat the price - small plants - but  at 2/$1.00  I couldn't resist.  I got 
Stupice Heritage - a great tasting slicing tomato . . . one that Beccy and I have wanted to grow for some time now . . .

White Currant Tomatoes - sweet juicy tiny white tomatoes . . .

And Yellow Pear - just because they taste so good . . . and are so cute .  . .

And Super Lakota - another good eating tomato . . .

They didn't have any Golden Chain trees, but one of the workers at the sale is going to give me a start of one from her yard next week.

For fun - and pretty I picked up a couple of white geraniums - one will go in the raised bed with the tomatoes and one will go on the porch in a basket that hangs from the railing.

I transplanted my chives to the raised bed also - they had been growing along the edge of the flowerbed near the porch and the poor things kept getting mowed.  At least now they will get a chance to grow before we chop them off to eat.

I should have photos of how well that plants are doing soon - the area where they are planted gets some good hot sun in the morning and early afternoon.  I hope they like it there - I can't wait for fresh tomatoes.  I think I'll plant some lettuce and radishes in oblong flower pots - salad is coming.

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