Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, March 24, 2014

Signs of Spring - In The House!

It is still coolish here - a little rain now and then and a little sun now and then.  Nothing much going on in the garden yet - but some springtime in the house.  I love all the bunnies and eggs and pretty flowers for spring decorating.
Centerpiece on the dining room table - spring egg tree - with bunny teapot 

Egg tree with one of the big bouquets of daffodils Don got for me this last weekend. 

These teeny tiny ornaments on the tree are less than an inch high
A bunny sits under the egg tree 
And a teeny tiny cup with wooden eggs - they look so much like real chocolate eggs that I want a chocolate egg whenever I see these wooden ones.
And a little butterfly handle - it is the perfect teacup for a fairy tea
I found this bunny pulling a wagon months ago and have been waiting for spring to get him out.
He's sitting on the china cabinet with the milk glass 
A bunny teapot - all decked out in her flower hat and ready to garden 

A bunny family, waiting for a basket so they can set up their home for spring 
An three whittled wooden bunnies will come to tea 
With a cute little gilr bunny and her big floppy ears 
And just for fun -  two egg cups from the 1950s.

How is your spring decorating coming?  I have a few more things to put out - more later.


Peg said...

You've inspired me to get my spring decorating done! What a lovely display!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

So sweet! I love spring decor...the colors, the flowers, the critters, the ambiance. It is a gentle reminder of how good God is to us! xo

Kay said...

I love all your spring sweeties! It's fresh and inspiring. So far a vase of daffodils is the extent of my decorating. Soon I'm going to pull out my Kraslice eggs and photograph those for an Easter post. They're hand painted in an Eastern European style and I think they're quite lovely. For now, though, I need to put away a couple week's accumulation of clutter that's getting quite out of control!

Powell River Books said...

I saw on Mary Beth's blog that the daffodil fields in Skagit are all in bloom. I like them even more than the tulips. My mom made an egg tree and I still have the fragile eggs. She blew the insides out and then painted each one with elaborate pictures. She was so creative. I love all your Spring colours. - Margy

Sharon Chapman said...

I love the whittled bunnies most of all. And your egg tree is darling. I am all bunnied out after drawing and painting bunnies all week between puppy play periods.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Jo, I just read something online about a mudslide in Washington. I am praying that neither you nor anyone you love is involved. I don't read or listen to the news, but I saw a byline for this at the Weather Channel. Praying you and yours are safe!



greenthumb said...

So many lovely things, it must be nice to be at your house.

Lorrie said...

The whittled bunnies are so sweet. I don't do too much seasonal decorating, but I did pull out a lamp and some birds I have. Spring is well on the way. I hope the mudslides didn't affect you. Such a tragedy for so many.

Candy S said...

I am in love with your bunny tea pot (I have a bunny pitcher that looks as if it was made to go with your teapot) and I love the beautiful cup with the butterfly handle too. You have bunnies so many bunnies! Everything is darling! I am working on getting a post ready for Saturday with bunnies too. The Spring egg tree and the daffodils are just beautiful. I love daffodils, they mean warmer weather is almost here.

J said...

I like the bunny teapot and the cup with butterfly handle!