Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Scavenger Hunt


Is for Mallard - a plentiful duck in both winter and summer in our area.  Thousands overwinter here - and some stay and raise their families in our area.  They love the seasonal ponds from the high groundwater in the farmers' fields.

9 A.M.
Baking banana bread - it came out of the oven at 9 a.m.


Oso Berry Bushes are in full bloom now - soon to be followed by the small berries that wildlife loves.  They are the first to get blossoms in the spring - an understory plant that is overshadowed by larger trees when the leaves are all opened on the maples and cottonwoods.

The sun lights up the clouds on Bellingham Bay
And reflects on the water to light up the background of a Heron.

A grate that drains water into a slough in Birch Bay State Park - next to the grate is a "Great" Blue Heron
And a close-up  of the "Great" Blue Heron.  This area has magical light - the colors are more vibrant here than any place else I've been.  This photo is Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC)

Ducks - working for their dinner

And some old trucks - that work no more.


This stone fireplace is the closest that I could come to brickwork - I like how they used the larger stones at the bottom - graduated sizes as the chimney got taller.

Ready for a party!


Fields of daffodils in Skagit County - it is a good year for the daffodil farmers


Need I say more?


Roll of tickets for a quilt raffle last year - I bought some, but didn't win - drat.


One of my favorite teapots - with a red roof and a red door.

March Scavenger Hunt  


greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, what a great group of photos lit up, the working truck and flowers. Greenthumb

Barbara Lilian said...

Super photos, especially the sky lit up & the blue heron, hard to choose when they are all so good. So lovely to see the field full of daffodils, as I only get to see them in my garden, not a popular flower here where I live in rural France. I've had a nice display of the Tete a Tete (dwarf )variety that I planted last autumn.

Louise said...

Great collection of photos, I especially like your photos for Lit up and the ones of the heron. I like the old trucks too.

dosierosie said...

Great photos,I love to see fields of flowers like those daffodils.

Julie said...

Oh, you have some beautiful photos this month with lovely composition. I love lit up, flowers and crisp but my favourite is those old trucks. x

Glo said...

A wonderful selection of photos! Loved the bottoms-up ducks working, your sunset and heron photos are beautiful...the golden fields of daffodils, wow ~ and a great idea for a coloured door!

Kay said...

Those lit up shots are spectacular - and thank you for the big smile from the working ducks. Great trucks, too! Four loaves of banana bread? I hope you have the discipline to freeze some of it...we don't have the self discipline to not eat every last crumb right away. Love seeing all those daffodils! I always think the Olympic Peninsula is pretty special, but you're in a great region, too!

Ida said...

What a great hunt. Loving the Daffodil fields, The ducks & those cool old trucks. Also the sunsets & the heron. Just a wonderful post all the way around.

Powell River Books said...

Your banana bread looks wonderful. The best I've ever eaten was from a small stand out in the country in Mexico. We took a cab to tour the area and he took us there. It was still warm from the oven and we pulled off big chunks and ate it right there in the back of the cab while we saw more of the area. - Margy

Julie Fukuda said...

It would be hard to pick a favorite out of this collection. I am glad I am not in competition with you on anything!

Fiona said...

Some superb shots here...Lit Up, Flowers, Working...and not! Well done, btw your banana bread looks divine.

Lori E said...

So many wonderful photos. I think ducks love having their photos taken, they always seem to pose.
I had never heard of Oso, where the mudslide happened, until it was on the news and I have never heard of Oso berries before. How interesting.

Candy S said...

JoAnn, You never cease to amaze me with your photography. The fields of daffodils are spectacular and the bottoms up ducks are hilarious. I can smell your banana bread baking now. My goodness suddenly I am ravenously hungry for banana bread. Oh yum. Pretty red flatware too!

Christina said...

I love the lit up heron in particular but all your photos are great. Cx

J said...

Wow! Once again I go scrolling down, "Oh! THAT'S my fave!" and then, "No! THAT one is!" What a collection. But I think I like the sunlit water behind the heron and the old trucks the best - really amazing shots!

Fundy Blue said...

Great photos, JoAnn! I loved the blue herons ~ especially the one against the sun-colored water. And the "working" ducks ~ such a clever interpretation! Take care!

Mairéad said...

A great selection of images - love all the wild life shots,especially the 'bottoms up' ducks and that sunset is spectacular! Also the fields of daffs.

Kezzie said...

Hey! It's such fun doing these Scavenger Hunts, isn't it! Ha ha, I love the duck bottoms- they are certainly working for it! How lucky of you to catch the heron at play too! The skies are beautiful where you are!!! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos- I WISH WISH WISH I could see a field of daffodils in person!x