Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Gardening Update

Bachelor's Buttons are so dark blue - but the color didn't come through on the camera.  One of our wooden crows like to sit in the shade of the flowers

Since the lockdown we've not been anywhere - except Don goes to do the grocery pick-up about every three weeks - and we've taken some nice rides - otherwise it is stay at home - and we've been enjoying it a lot.  Don is working full time from home, it is good to have him here every day.

I decided that since we couldn't go to the nursery to get plants for the deck, that I would plant some seeds.  Some I ordered from ebay - so many choices and good prices - non-gmo and organic seeds easily available.  Some are seeds I've had for several to many years - some from even before we moved to Washington in 2001.  But everything sprouted really well - and it seems these plants are growing far better and much faster than the plants I used to buy from the nursery. 
 Yellow Pear Tomatoes - these need potting up into much larger pots this week
 One of the Yellow Pear Tomatoes has little buds on it
 The Cherry Tomatoes have flowers - soon we'll have some tomatoes setting

 I planted two pots of Dwarf Sunflowers - from seeds that are over 20 years old
 And they have big buds already.

 Can't wait to see the flowers!!!
 Two pots of pickling cucumbers
 One plant had a blossom yesterday morning and last evening there was a teeny tiny cucumber!
 I ordered some wild Sweet Pea Seeds from ebay - they have sprouted and are beginning to climb their little stakes.
 Fireweed - seeds from ebay - those seeds are super tiny and you don't cover them with soil, just place on the soil and water - and they sprout amazingly well.
The Marigolds are growing into trees - these are the ones with large orange and/or yellow flowers.  Several of the plants have buds and I expect flowers any day now.  The crow is keeping watch to make sure the squirrel stays out of the flower pots.

Are you doing any gardening this year?  I'm really enjoying the plants.  I garden on the deck in pots because we have families of deer that roam our neighborhood and especially love flowers.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The miracle of seeds!

Julie Fukuda said...

I have a pack of seeds that has been sitting around for many years. Every year I look at it and wonder if it is too old to bother with. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Maybe tomorrow there will be a bit of gardening here in Tokyo.

Teresa said...

Todo se ve muy bien y muy saludable. Besitos.