Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Snow Geese

Every winter thousands and thousands of Snow Geese overwinter in our area.  Some of the farmers are paid to plant crops that will feed the Snow Geese.  The Snow Geese move around the area and it is an adventure to find some in huge flocks.  Two weeks ago we hit the jackpot - a single flock that was estimated (by someone who knows how to estimate the flocks) that there could be up to 75,000 in the flock we saw.

They fly in and land in the fields - sometimes it takes half an hour for all the flocks to congregate - sometimes they fly in faster - landing on the fields and never landing on top of each other.

Turn on sound and click full screen- it is amazing!
The flocks may stay for hours, feeding on the ground, or they may unexpectedly fly up and swirl about, landing nearby, or they may leave for another area - it is always exciting when it happens.  I am willing to sit for most of a day waiting for a flock to fly up.  

And they settle back on the ground - eating and resting and chattering.

They fly in from their nesting grounds in the Arctic Tundra. 

One end of the flock.

 The juveniles have beautifully colored feathers, the adults are all white, with black wing tips.


Powell River Books said...

We drove to the Skagit Airport yesterday and saw lots of swans both on the ground and flying. They are so graceful. - Margy

Granny Sue said...

Oh my! That IS spectacular!

Julie Fukuda said...

That is one huge gaggle! In a few weeks I will be out to check up on winter visitors, Never in THAT NUMBER!
I wonder how they manage to land without crashing into one another.

Kim said...

That truly is a most glorious amazing to see all those snow geese taking off and flying away! I too, think I would sit there all day just to witness that spectacle!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They always travel in such huge flocks, don't they -- they look like a freshly fallen blanket of snow on the ground!

Marigene said...

That is an awesome sight. You got some wonderful photos, JoAnn. I can't imagine so many birds in that small an area...hundreds and hundreds!
Merry Christmas.

Carver said...

Wow, fantastic shots of the snow geese. You did a great job capturing them in sky flocks and on the ground. Delightful post!

Angie said...

JoAnn - it's hard to conceive of 75,000 birds gathered in one place, but the video really helped. Amazing! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Patio Postcards said...

WOW that is quite something to see. I like that someone was thinking & encourages (through payment) to ensure the geese have some food.

Happy New Year!

Rose said...

These are amazing! I loved the video...