Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - Getting Ready for Christmas

It is time to do some decorating 
 I like to help with the tree decorations - but this giant green light is so bright.  

I'm wearing my clown jammies with peppermint candy print, green with white dot print and strings of popcorn and cranberry print.  My slippers match.

 I'm helping to put up these bell lights - of my, I'm all tangled up - and I seem to have lost one slipper
  Pretty roses - do you think I have a secret admirer?
 My hair clips are red and green christmas bows

 We have lots of christmas critters - I like to keep them in this giant basket

Next week one of my sisters will show you more christmas decorations - we have a good time at our house for the holidays.

Have you been to visit Diane yet?  Her dolls are helping to decorate too.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We would ALL love to have some clown jammies! How cute she looks! And all of your decorations are beautiful and FUN! I love sharing some wee ones today. We always have fun when we play with our dollies, don't we? Dollie hugs, Diane

Vee said...

I have visited Diane and she sent me here to see what your dolly is up to. Tangled in the Christmas lights...a hazard of decorating for sure. Love that outfit!

Powell River Books said...

You always go all out for each season. I put up a few decorations at the cabin. I have my stocking hung by the woodstove. It's the same one I've used since I was a little girl living in Compton, California. I made one for Wayne when we started dating to match the size and shape. Neither are fancy, but make me remember lots of good Christmases past. - Margy

Julie Fukuda said...

The closest I have come to decorating is thinking about when I might find the time. Choral parts are getting polished so at least those will be ready in time.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

JoAnn, those wee ones know how to party! And they look so stylish when doing so. So cute and I love how you have presented your header photos..Looking forward to more..Happy Holidays..xxoJudy

Kay said...

Sweet! I can't believe it but I may pass on Christmas decorations completely this year. I've been consumed with making Christmas cards and packets of greeting card gifts and can't get myself motivated. (Waiting to see if we're getting snow tonight. It feels like it might but so far nothing.)

Carla said...

I feel like your Doll all tangle up in lights. Usually my daughter helps but she had to go home before we got the decorations out of the attic. Maybe if I had her clown jammies I'd be more in the mood to tackle the lights. LOL

J said...

Now that I'm caught up with lots of family busy-ness, it's time to get back in the Christmas spirit. I couldn't wait to come here because I knew I'd find festive things to view - and once again, you didn't disappoint! The dolls and their pets and jammies and accessories are just delightful! Your home must be a joy to visit in person - sweet things tucked away in expected - and unexpected places! Beautiful!